Website FAQs

1. Which browsers do you support?
Our Website is designed as a Web Standards compliant website. This means it is completely accessible by any browser including browsers on your PDA’s, cell phones and pocket PC’s. However, older browsers including Netscape 5 and below, and Internet Explorer 4 and below may not be fully supported.

2. Is your site secure?
Yes,’s entire order process and account management system is completely secure with 128bit SSL encryption.

3. Do I need Cookies Enabled?
Yes, requires cookies be enabled on your computer for online shopping.

4. Do I need JavaScript Enabled?
Yes, JavaScript must be enabled for certain features of our site to work. We may in future add support for browsers with JavaScript disabled.

5. Why does your site look "broken" on my browser?
Our website uses modern web design standards as defined by W3C. Some older browsers which were not build according to the standards may not display the site correctly. Please switch to a modern browser like Firefox or Opera