Using Print Campaigning to Connect with Voters in their Homes

On the USPS website, our noble postal service claims that direct mailing is a simple 6-step process. Six steps, however, sound anything but simple. Direct mailing can be one of the most effective, inexpensive ways to connect with voters, but only when done properly. And in an election race where time is money, the efficiency, impact, and speed of your direct mailing campaign can make all the difference. provides campaign managers with an essential one-stop direct mailing resource. We can design, print, and manage your direct mailing campaign. However, if you’re one of those fearless do-it-yourself types, you can learn all about what goes into creating a stellar voter-targeted direct mailing campaign in the following walkthrough.

If it already sounds a bit overwhelming, remember that there are many other ways to go door-to-door with your candidate’s print campaign than direct mail. Door hangers, hang tags, and flyers can help you hit every house in your district without the complications of direct mailing.

Joe the Voter