Unusual Features in Hang Tag Printing

Why are you investing in hang tag printing?

Not so that tags can be ripped off your product and thrown away along with the receipt! Hang tags strengthen brand identity, act as an advertising tool, add to the style and appeal of products, and often, they include important product information that the consumer needs to know.

If you're investing in hang tags for any or all of these reasons, then why not have a hang tag designed to stand out? More and more, we are seeing surprisingly large, and/or uniquely shaped hang tags on shelves and racks. Designer clothing lines, in particular, are designing hang tags as large as 6.5 x 8.5. As the average consumer becomes increasing style-conscious when it comes to products, designers and manufacturers are developing hang tags big and bold enough to be part of the product purchasing decision.

The Jumbo Hang Tag

There's virtually no limit to the size of hang tag that can be printed. The only rule to follow when it comes to design is that, generally speaking, hang tags should not be larger than the product itself, unless that product is particularly small or delicate. Jewelry and other accessories, for example, can be displayed on or attached to a tag, in which case the tag becomes a crucial sales feature, much larger than the product itself.

Deciding on extra-large hang tag printing should also be done with consideration of your product's retail environment. After all, you don't want to design a tag so unwieldy that it is awkward to display in-stores. This can make extra-large hang tags inappropriate for food and personal care products. However, things like clothes, furniture, and sporting goods take to well-designed, large hang tags like ducks to water.

If you've decided to invest in large hang tag printing, don't waste the space by simply blowing up an already existing design. Make the extra space busy and fresh by incorporating additional design elements. Differently textured materials, like ribbons, leather, stickers, and vinyl can all contribute to a hang tag that's not just a label, but an experience for the consumer.

The Die-Cut Hang Tag

Many trendy designers and manufacturers are also adding to the tactile experience of their hang tags by having printers die-cut the tags into interesting shapes. Die-cutting in the shape of a logo is popular, as is die-cutting in the shape of the product itself. This approach isn't suited to all products, but can be a great complement to a fun, funky hang tag design.

Die-cutting can also be elegant. Geometric shapes like circles, diamonds, and lozenges are all popular choices for chic clothing lines, eyewear, and personal care products.

The Multi-Page Hang Tag

If you've got a lot of ideas for hang tag design, but don't necessarily want to commit to postcard-sized tags, another popular option is the multi-page hang tag. This can be done as a booklet, an accordion-fold, or even a quarter-fold poster. Choosing hang tag printing with multiple pages gives you room for a mini product catalogue, a printed version of your website, or even a rundown of your business practices and environmental policies.

Whether you choose to super-size, die-cut, or design a booklet, the goal of hang tag printing is to create something valuable and interesting to the consumer. The right hang tag won't just help you sell your product, it will be a gorgeous keepsake for the consumer. Soon, all their friends will want one, too, so don't forget to double your next hang tag printing order!

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