Ticket Printing Begins With Good Design

The event ticket. It's a little piece of paper that can cost a whole hell of a lot of money, and under the right circumstances, it's more valuable than gold. Once an event has passed, it's a treasured souvenir that says "I was there." For all these reasons, developing the right design for your ticket printing is all-important.

Start With The Details

Most good ticket design begins with the information that needs to go on the ticket. This includes things like:

  • Event name
  • Event slogan or tagline
  • Event elements (i.e. - performers, teams, special features, etc.)
  • Date
  • Event start time and arrival time
  • Location
  • Ticket price
  • Any necessary warnings or reminders (i.e. – no glass bottles, no outside food or beverages, no cameras or recorders, etc.)
  • Type of seating, if relevant (assigned or festival)
  • Seat number and section, if relevant
  • Sponsor information, if relevant
  • Seller's terms and conditions

Information vs. Presentation

Not every instance of ticket printing will require all of this information, but it's important to anticipate the needs and concerns of the ticket holder, as they will be looking to this little piece of paper to answer many of their event questions.

Knowing what information will be included on the printed ticket will help you create an attractive design. For example, you'll want to choose a profile (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) ticket design depending on information layout needs.

A ticket including a lot of information will look better laid out in point form along the length of a profile design.

On the other hand, if you don't have a lot of information to organize, than it will look better in sentence form across a horizontal, landscape ticket design.

Say Goodbye to Single-Color Designs

Once information layout is settled, it's time to start thinking about the colors and images you want to include in your ticket. It wasn't long ago that a single-color background was the only economical solution in ticket printing, but these days, full color CMYK printing is cheaper than ever before, which means there's no limit to what you can do.

Incorporating a Logo

One popular design option is to include a full color logo on ticket designs. A logo can fill one corner or one end of the ticket. Alternatively, a logo can be enlarged and printed very lightly as the background field of the ticket.

Rather than having a single-color background, many tickets are designed with an image lightly printed in the background. This is a simple way to create a colorful, interesting design that doesn't overwhelm the information printed on the ticket.

Stick With Your Theme

Another option is to design your ticket with the rest of your event print collateral in mind. Obviously, the posters, flyers, banners, and invitations for your event already have a signature style that people are associating with the style they expect from your production. By designing matching tickets, you follow through on the integrity of your style choices, and increase the hype and excitement surrounding the event.

Remember, the days of the bland, boring event ticket are gone. Low cost, full color printing means that your ticket printing can be just as interesting and exciting as the rest of your print marketing arsenal. And if you don't want to do the design work yourself, just say so! Hotcards' award-winning design team is just a phone call away!