The Square Business Card Copy

Modern design inspired by classic shapes.

There are a million business card design ideas out there. But the trick is figuring out what works for you. Welded sheet metal, seed paper, and beef jerky with your name branded onto it – it all works for somebody's business, but maybe not for yours.

The square business card is one design that's gaining in popularity because it's unique, it's attention-grabbing, but it's not overstated. In a wallet or card case, it stands out from the pack, but it does so without taking up to much room, like some overly thick or gimmicky cards tend to.

If you do decide to go with a square card, design it to reflect the nature of your business or service offering in some way. In other words, don't go square "just because."

I recently spoke to artist-designer-photographer Tania Tashan about her square business card design. Her design process is a great example of how a square card can be developed to visually represent what the card's creator offers professionally.


Tania's square card is inspired by slide film. The slide might seem like archaic technology to many in the digital age, but slides are still heavily used by artists submitting portfolios. Despite the quality of digital, slide film remains a much-appreciated professional tool because of its incredible color fidelity.

With rounded corners and a self-portrait at the center, Tania's card serves as a small, easily shared artist's statement that is evocative without being overly whimsical.

Tania created the card using Photoshop and freehand programs, then printed on photo paper and hand-cut each one, to show, as she says, that they were made out of love.

From inspiration, to design, to production, Tania's business card design demonstrates how effectively a square card can be used to represent the essence of who you are as a business or artist.

Considering square business card printing? Figure out what, exactly, that little square of paper says about you, and work from there.

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