The Album Cover Ad

Inspiration from that old time rock 'n roll.

It's a sad reality that one of the best forms of print design – the album cover – is facing extinction. Once vinyl, with its almost poster-sized cover format, disappeared, we were left to enjoy our album artwork on tiny CDs. And now, with more and more music being bought online, the best look at cover art we get is in iTunes.

The question is: just because we don't buy records or CDs anymore, does that mean we have to get rid of album covers?

Not necessarily, according to some innovative promoters.


Next time you're promoting an event or any type of music-oriented product, consider replacing flyers or club cards with an album cover print design.

An album cover ad is innovative, it sticks out from the crowd, and the unique pocket shape has a pleasantly tactile quality that makes people want to touch it.

In the case of the album cover / flyer shown here, the promoters have gone a step further, and invited event attendees to bring in the CD case in return for a free album.

Asking those who pick up your album cover flyer to fill it with a free CD is a great promotion, but it's not required to make this print ad scheme work. The only design must in this case is to focus on creating album artwork that evokes the great sense of style people love so much on the covers of records and CDs. But don't worry, there's plenty of room for all the ad details in the back!

Consider an album cover ad, and become part of a movement to keep art and music in bed together, where they belong. Who knows, maybe we'll start to see vinyl record sleeve ads popping up before long!

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