Taking Your Print Campaign Beyond Branding

A brand is much more than a logo or a slogan. Your brand should instantly convey to consumers the entire philosophy of your business, and should, therefore, go beyond the singularity of a symbol or a string of phrases. Your ‘brand’ should inundate the senses, and invite consumers into the heady, fabulous world of your you-ness.

Consider a branding strategy that focuses on concept, color scheme, or content:


A solid, well-rounded concept can be used to unify all your print and ad material. It can also help you develop a philosophy for your business that is easy to explain and sell to other businesses and consumers. Based on a single concept, you may be able to develop several different iconic images and statements that can be used as unique situations demand.


A single color, or color palette, can define your signature style and speak as loudly as words and images. Because of the host of associations we bring to our relationship with colors, they can be counted on to convey a mood or express a feeling. A business that is represented by a palette of rich, vibrant colors has something very different to offer than a business represented by subdued metallics. A complete and very powerful print campaign can be based entirely around a strong color scheme.


A content-focused print campaign gets right down to business, going directly for a connection between company brain and consumer heart. Content differs from concept in that its goal is to tell a story, while the goal of a concept is to get across an idea. Many marketing gurus believe that storytelling is the soul of all good advertising strategies. A content-focused print campaign might tell the same story over and over again in different ways, or it might create a puzzle, wherein each unique piece of print tells a different part of the story. The excitement for the consumer lies in completing the narrative; their reward is the benefit of your product or service.