Table Tent Printing: For eBusiness and All Business

Table tent printing is often associated with point-of-sale advertising, but any business can benefit from advertising with table tent displays. Often, restaurants, bars, and clubs don't print their own table tent advertising, which leaves tables free and clear for outside advertisers.

Full Color Printing For Your Online Business

This can be an amazing window of opportunity for ebusinesses, in particular. As full color print advertising for online business grows in popularity, the question is: how can print ads provide solid online conversion rates? Print advertising might be great for increasing online brand awareness, but how many people are going to write down or remember my URL from a vehicle wrap or banner?

The answer comes in the form of table tent printing, which caters to a captive, sit-down audience. Anyone who discovers an interesting URL on a table tent has ample opportunity to write it down, or surf to it immediately on their smartphone.

Table tent printing is also ideal for ebusiness because it is extremely inexpensive, which makes it perfect for testing the waters with a fledgling print advertising budget. Perhaps more importantly, this full color printing comes with a small environmental price tag, which means that if your ebusiness is a green business, it won't be compromised by this offline campaign.

Table Tents For Any Situation

When you begin to design your table tent printing, you'll be surprised by how much space there is to fill on these little tents. Always begin the design process with a strong sense of the audience you are trying to grab, and the purpose of getting their attention.

If you don't have a particular promotion in mind, then focus on brand awareness. Because of all the events that your business might be involved in, requiring table tent displays, it's a good idea to have a general design available. That way, you can grab a few and throw them down on a table, counter, or other service area to represent your business in virtually any situation. Table tents are the little portable banners in the world of full color printing, so it never hurts to have them on hand.

Finding Tables To Pitch Tents On

Another point where you might want to begin your table tent advertising campaign is by connecting with public venues where you will be able to display them. Don't think of your promotion as limited to restaurants and bars. Often, libraries, community centers, and universities – homes to thousands of tables! – allow outside advertisers to bring in table tent displays for particular events.

Often, it will be the responsibility of the venue to put your displays out on tables, but be sure to get all the details before you hand over the table tent printing!

Things You Need To Know:

  • Are there any fees for having your table tents displayed?
  • Are there any restrictions on how often you can advertise in a particular location?
  • Will there be other tents on the same table as your full color printing? And if so, how many? Some venues restrict the number to one, while others can sometimes allow as many as five!
  • How long will your table tent printing be displayed? This can vary from weeks, to days or alternating days, to even a set number of hours in a day!
  • What happens when your ad time is up? Be careful, some venues will discard your full color printing unless other arrangements are made in advance!

Table Tents For All!

Whether you're an online business, or a brick-and-mortar that could benefit from an unconventional print advertising approach, consider full color table tent printing your friend. Just as there's no better way to woo clients than by wining and dining them, there's no better way to win new customers than across a table!