Successful Event Promotion

It’s All About the Fine Print

The print materials used to promote and coordinate an event may very well be the glue that keeps the production together.

Sounds a bit dramatic, right?

Dramatic but true. You can have the perfect venue, book the perfect act, and make sure that all the right people know what’s going down, but in the end, success is in the details, and when it comes to putting on a big production, this means your print material!

Start Strong

Consider getting started by making a list of all the stuff you’re going to need to get printed:

The list can go on and on. If you’re working with a sponsor, you’ll want to consult with them to make sure you cover everything that’s important to them. They might be providing you with their own print material, OR they might just assume that since they’re coughing up the cash, you’re going to deal with everything else. Crossed wires in this regard can be event-planner suicide, so beware!

The benefit of planning for your print materials early on is that you can send them all to your printer at the same time, and the larger the order, the more likely you are to swing a sweet deal. If your printer can, for example, print your posters and your tickets in the same run, then they can pass the savings in ink and paper on to you.

Design for Consistency and Impact

Printing all your event advertising and facilitating material at the same time also means that you design it all simultaneously. Your print material can help to define the style of your entire event, so it never hurts to have a consistent theme running throughout.

For example, having event tickets that look like mini versions of your advertising posters ensures that ticket-buyers carry a little ad for your event with them wherever they go. A colorful ticket that sends out the right kind of vibe can actually sell itself.

In fact, most print materials that are basically informative (read: plain and boring!) can be designed to reflect the style of your event and hence to help sell – not just tickets – but the particular mood or mindset that you’re hoping people will attend with.

Again, as an example, a slick, sexy design theme on all your print material makes sure that everyone will attend dressed to the nines and ready to party, while a tongue-in-cheek vintage design theme will encourage ticket-holders to show up strutting their own unique style and ready for anything.

Follow Through to the Big Night

Once you settle on a great design concept for all of your print material, you might even want to expand the range of influence that it can provide.

For example, instead of printing just one standard flyer, consider having a new design for every week leading up to the event. These flyers can act almost like mini news bulletins, offering ticket-buyers new information and building excitement surrounding your production to a fevered pitch.

Stickers can also be money in the publicity bank. Regardless of the subject matter, people love stickers. They want to have a bunch of them, and they want to stick them up all over the place.

If a sticker is advertising an event, then potential ticket-buyers already feel like they’ve received a free gift, and they’re ready to join the party. Even better, a well-designed sticker is a convincing indicator of the coolness and relevance of your event.

However you choose to go about printing the necessaries for a production, be sure to avoid any half-measures. A couple of posters might as well be no posters at all. Hundreds of posters, on the other hand, can send a message that’s impossible to ignore.

The Internet is an Event-Planner's Best Friend

If your event is large enough, you might want to consider building a website for it, and asking people to join your street team. Members of the street team can sign up on the website to receive posters, stickers, flyers, and other promotional material that they can plaster up all over the city. Prizes for the team member that does the best job will make sure that your print material doesn’t go to waste!

If you put on productions regularly, build a website that can be easily customized to promote each new event. Print companies like Hot Cards, that also specialize in design and website creation, can be immense help in this area.

Hot Cards actually began as a company that specialized in event promotion, so they know a thing or two about how to get your show on the road. Don't hesitate to take advantage.

This series of articles is being published by Hot Cards as a resource catering to our amazing variety of clients. If you have a printing question or interest specific to your industry or specialization, let us know, and we'll work on featuring it here.