Speed: Time to Run the Addressing and Mailing Gauntlet

This is where things start to get complicated. Now it’s time to address those envelopes, lick those stamps, and find a very, very big mailbox.


You’re not actually planning on licking stamps, are you? Managing thousands of pieces of political campaign direct mail requires sophisticated technology and detailed understanding of the process, both of which the amazing folks here at Hotcards possess in abundance.

However, if you continue to believe in the goodness of going it alone, be you candidate, campaign manager, or direct mail manager, there are a few things you need to know.

First, dispense with the stamps. What you need to do is buy postage online and use indicia to indicate postage. You can have unique indicia designed with or without postage information. However, you need a permit to be allowed to use indicia. Check out the USPS website to learn more.

Addressing and Sorting

Proper addressing might not seem like a big deal, but both the speed and efficiency of your campaign are dramatically affected by the correctness of your addressing system. Imagine getting 500 addresses slightly wrong, or sending a bunch of targeted direct mailing to addresses that no longer exist or have change ownership.

You’ll want to employ addressing software in order to address your mailers and perform address correction. Make sure you get CASS certification in order to confirm the accuracy of your software.


Your relationship with the postal service will be significant and involved. There are as many guidelines pertaining to proper direct mailing etiquette as there are fires to put out when 300 NRA members receive your anti-firearms mailer. Indicia and addresses need to be correctly printed in order to be approved by USPS for bulk mailing.

However, on a brighter note, the postal service does make cost of postage concessions for bulk mailing. The more bulk mailing you do, the better rates you can receive. As you will probably be doing this just over the course of a campaign season, you will receive the best rates possible by working with direct mailing experts like Hotcards.

In fact, Hotcards can take care of all this stuff for one easy rate. We can also help you with any single part of the process, from list generation, to design, to printing, to addressing and mailing. You’ve probably got something better to do anyway, right?

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