Small Solutions for Green Print Advertising

At Hotcards, we’re not just full color printers, we’re also green printers.

That means we are always striving to do everything in our power to reduce our environmental footprint. One major way in which we can accomplish this is by offering you, dear readers, handy tips and suggestions for green printing solutions. So here’s an idea:

Next time you want to print green, try printing SMALL.

Printing small doesn’t mean printing small numbers, it means choosing smaller formats that consume less paper, while still carrying a big promotional impact. Some full color printing items that have this potential are:


They’re the size of a business card, but they can be designed to contain all the important information relating to your event or product. They can be passed out on the street, or left in stacks at key locations, to be pocketed as a reminder to the consumer.


These are one of the most versatile forms of print advertising because they can be used as mailers or as handbills, or even as mini posters. Although a postcard does make a pretty small poster, it actually draws the eye because of its unconventional size.


Like palm cards, they can be left in stacks on coffeeshop counters, or with supportive businesses. They can be handed out on the streets, or even pinned to noticeboards in groups, where passersby can rip off a copy for their own use.

Small Printing Tips:

  • Smaller items don’t just save paper, they are less expensive than larger-sized printing!
  • For your budget, you can print more of a smaller item, and still save paper! For example, 3000 palm cards would use less than 25% as much paper as only 1000 posters.
  • With the money you save, you can invest in an intense full color printing design, which will make your small advertisement pop amongst a sea of black and white photo copies.

Next time you’re doing green event promotion, remember that you don’t need a lot of paper to make a big statement. Palm cards, flyers, club cards, and postcards all offer a significant ROI while leaving a much smaller footprint than posters or banners. Show the audience you are trying to attract that you actually care about keeping the planet green by printing green whenever possible!