Hot Tips on Cool Printing

Design Harmony in Brochure Printing

Business Cards and Print Design

Product Labels as Accessories

Spread the Eco-Friendly Word with Postcard Printing

Moving Card Printing

Hang Tag Printing Adds Personality

Political Sign and Poster Printing

Ticket Printing Begins With Good Design

Table Tent Printing: For eBusiness and All Business

Introduce Yourself With Door Hanger Printing

Get Horizontal with Your Brochure Printer

Full Color Sticker Printing: What To Know Before You Buy

Keeping Business Cards Simple

Cool Label Design Ideas

The History of Postcard Printing

Greeting Card Printing for Direct Mail

Unusual Features in Hang Tag Printing

Personal Stat Card Printing

Designing Posters for Print

High-Security Event Ticket Printing

Benefit From The Versatility Of Table Tent Printing





Design Ideas

Check back with us every week for great new design ideas. We'll be tracking industry trends as well as providing creative inspiration for professional and amateur designers alike.

Postcard Direct Mail Marketing for Giants

Taking Your Print Campaign Beyond Branding

Using Humor to Drive Your Print Campaign

Applying Web 2.0 Design Principles to Print Design

Business Cards That Stand Up and Stand Out

Print Advertising is a Gift

Run a Vintage Print Ad Campaign

Small Solutions for Green Print Advertising

Play with Full Color Printing Formats

DVD Design for Election Canvassing

Print Advertise Your Website

Community-Focused Door Hanger Printing

Calendar Printing as a Promotional Tool

Designing Political Printing? Be Consistent With Color!

Making A Cheap Print Project Look Like A Big Deal

The Square Business Card

The Album Cover Ad

The Square Business Card Copy

The Long-Format Print Ad



Business Marketing Strategies 101


Feature Articles

This collection - enlightening, thought-provoking, occasionally silly - is being built to cater to the concerns and interests of the enormous variety of industries requiring print and design services.

Printing for Graphic Designers

Successful Event Promotion

Off-Campus Printing for Colleges and Universities

Running a Print Ad Campaign for Your Car Dealership

Printing Solutions for Non-Profit Organizations

Choosing Colors for Your Full Color Printing

Political Campaign Palm Card Printing

Printing Paper Essentials

Full Color Print Advertising for Online Businesses

Print Advertising Ideas for Mother’s Day

Cheap Campaign Advertising Strategies

Print Advertising Campaign Ideas for the Fourth of July

Door Hangers: The Underappreciated Print Ad Goldmine

Cheap Sticker Printing = Great Viral Marketing Potential

Designing Logos for Print

Print Advertising For Halloween - It's Not Just For Kids

Choosing Collateral For A Print Campaign


Political Campaign Direct Mailing

When getting your candidate's name out to voters becomes a priority, direct mailing becomes an integral part of successful campaign management. Learn about the tools and resources you will need to run a successful direct mailing campaign here.

Using Print Campaigning to Connect with Voters in their Homes

Efficiency: Targeting Your Campaign

Impact: Avoiding the “Junk Mail” Stigma and Getting those Voters Reading!

Speed: Time to Run the Addressing and Mailing Gauntlet

Political Campaign Direct Mailing: How It Works

Political Campaign Direct Mailing: FAQ

Political Campaign Direct Mailing: List Generation


Printing Resources

Collection of resources related to printing, type setting, digital color correction, etc.

Quark Xpress File and Artwork Preparation

Information on Bleeds

Color (RGB vs. CMYK)




Gang Run Printing

Offset Printing

Color Guide


The Ultimate Print & Design Dictionary is proud to present the most detailed, in-depth print & design industry resource available on the Internet. Check in weekly for new, dazzlingly informative, thought-provoking entries. ...

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