Product Labels as Accessories

Designing or redesigning the packaging for a product is always a challenge. After all, well-designed label printing can make a product, while a poorly designed label can break it. A label is the final line of sale between a product and a consumer, which means that it must be an effective marketing tool.

As a label printer, Hotcards has seen its fair share of labels go through the press, and the biggest mistake we see DIY label designers make is to allow a personal stake in the product affect good design decisions.

Of course, by the time the label printing process begins, itís too late to change the design. The way to ensure that your printed labels are effective advertising tools is to begin the design process with market research.

Know Your Demographic

In the consumer climate of today, the best thing a label can do is act as a flattering accessory to the purchaserís personal style. Product labels have become just as important as clothing, music, and gadgets when it comes to defining who we are as individuals.

This means that:

  • If I, the consumer, am buying water or a sports drink, I want it to look good with my workout gear.
  • If Iím buying food or wine, I want it to look good in my kitchen, and to be appropriate to pull out when Iím entertaining.
  • If Iím buying make-up or bathroom products, they should add to the style of my bathroom, shower, or bedroom. I should feel confident about bringing them traveling, to work, or to the gym.
  • Products for babies or children should help to define the young consumerís style, on the playground, at school, and at other social events.

Visualize Your Label Printing Goal

A good starting point to creating the ultimate label-accessory can be to visualize your product out in the world. After itís purchased by your key demographic, where will it go? What will it do? Your label printing wonít just act as an accessory for the consumer, it will be a key promotional item for your product.

The good thing about label printing that becomes a hot accessory is that it doesnít cost extra. At Hotcards, we already provide glossy, two-sided, full color label printing for one low price, which means that as long as you can create the perfect design, your label is going to look beautiful. And thatís important, because the average design-conscious consumer will see your product as an accessory that can help them project the image they are striving to achieve.