Printing Solutions for Non-Profit Organizations

Make an Impact, Make a Difference

Sometimes, the very idea of fundraising or spreading awareness can seem contradictory. In order to raise money, you need to spend money, but if you had money to spend, you wouldn’t need to raise it. Unfortunately, the very act of helping those in need always costs a whole heap of cash.

It is the allies that we forge throughout the course of this struggle that make all the difference. And one of the best allies that a not-for-profit can have in its corner is a helpful, reliable printer.

It’s easy to overlook the importance of your printer when there are so many things to think about, but getting on with the right vendor can make your entire process – from design to distribution – a whole lot easier.

As a non-profit organization, you need all kinds of print materials all the time. Posters, flyers, event tickets, table tent displays, and banners for fundraisers; thank-you cards for generous donors; brochures and postcards for direct mail campaigns; stationary and business cards for networking and correspondence – the list goes on and on.

The last thing you want to do is find a different printer every time you need a job done. Instead, consider forming a long-term relationship with a printer. Many printers are happy to help non-profits out by offering reduced rates, and if you agree to bring your business to them on a regular basis, they are often willing to consistently offer a substantially reduced price.

What to Look For

Before you get deeply involved with a printer, make sure that they do all the things that are important to you. For example, a printer that offers a design service, such as Hot Cards, can be a major boon on several levels:

  • Printer-designers can give you a good sense of whether or not your design idea will work BEFORE they print out 3000 copies of it.
  • A print service that you develop a relationship with may also offer you not-for-profit rates on any design work you need.
  • If you do need some last-minute design work, a printer-designer that you’ve worked with for a long time will already be familiar with your style and with your graphic standard requirements.
  • Last but not least, a printing team that includes award-winning designers, such as the Hot Cards team, can offer you the potential to draw extra attention to your organization through design recognition.

Raise Awareness through Direct Mailing

Many print companies do a lot of work with direct mail, which can be an extremely effective way of raising awareness and fundraising if done properly.

Printers with direct mail expertise are able to manage every facet of a direct mail campaign on behalf of your organization. Hot Cards, for example, can generate mailing lists, manage mailing lists, address and sort mail, and connect you with the lowest postal charges possible because of the efficiency of their service.

A direct mail printer can also suggest the best medium available for your direct mail campaign. Is your organization better suited to the style and bulk of a tri-fold brochure, or the glossy instant impact of a postcard? You can do the market research yourself, or you can rely on the expertise of your printer.

Making a Difference with Print that Inspires

The fight to raise money for a pressing social concern, or to make people think about the impact of an illness or injustice on the world, can mean traveling a long and lonely road, but there’s no reason why strong professional allies can’t ease the burden for you every once in a while.

Your printing team should be one of those allies. If they’re not right now, then you need to find a new printer. After all, it’s important to work with like-minded people on projects that you are passionate about. As that great design expert and socio-political thinker Dr. Seuss once wrote:

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
nothing is going to get better. It's not.”

That goes for the messages that you print and share with people, the changes you make and, as you know better than anyone, the effect that you have on the entire world.

This series of articles is being published by Hot Cards as a resource catering to our amazing variety of clients. If you have a printing question or interest specific to your industry or specialization, let us know, and we'll work on featuring it here.