Printing FAQs

1. How do I measure my car to be wrapped?
There's no need to measure your car.   All we need is the make and model number of your vehicle and we can acquire a scale version of your automobile.

2. Do you have a price list for all your products?
Because we will print any custom size you desire, we don't have a compiled list of prices.   However all of our products online give you instant price quotes.

3. Do you offer volume discounts?
Yes, our online pricing will automatically calculate a discount based on volume printing.

4. What printing process do you use?
We print using CMYK, Full Color Offset Printing

5. My image is less than 300 dpi resolution, can it still be printed?
Your image can still be printed at less than 300dpi, however the print quality will be sacrificed significantly.   We print all jobs using 200Line Screen, which means you can utilize up to 400dpi for any print job.   We recommend at least 300dpi to obtain the best print quality.

6. What is CMYK printing?
CMYK are the four colors that make up all other colors in the world.   They are short for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black

7. What are your specifications for custom artwork?
Our file preference is a properly submitted PDF, however we will accept a JPEG, or TIFF file as well, so long as they are flattened at a minimum of 300dpi.

8. I need something changed, corrected, added, or taken off my artwork.   Can you do this for me?
We cannot make any alterations to your artwork, whatsoever, unless you'd like it to become a design job. We offer award-winning graphic design at very competitive prices and are always happy to take the burden off a customer who's not a professional designer. Once a job becomes a "design job" it must be viewed and approved by the customer before it is sent to press.

9. What graphic design awards have you won?
Our design staff has won several design awards.   Most recently our design of a brochure for a new upscale real estate development, won the award for Best Marketing piece by the Toledo Home Builders Association.

10. What file formats do you accept?
We accept PDF, JPEG, and TIFF files.

11. What do I do if I want a full bleed?
Please include a 1/8-inch bleed on all sides of bled pages.

12. What are your proofing options?'s state of the art online ordering system will provide you with an online proof just minutes after you upload your files.

13. What are your turnaround times?
Jobs can be turned around as fast as SAME DAY!

Please contact your local office for specific information about deadlines and turnaround times.

All offices have different turnaround times for projects printed. If you are not near a office, contact our headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio at 216.241.4040.

14. Are the colors I see on my screen going to be what I see when it's printed?
The color that you see on a computer monitor or television screen is called “additive color” and has a different set of properties from “subtractive color”, which is the kind of color that applies to your printed jobs.  

Additive color emanates directly from a light source.   Subtractive color comes from light that is reflected off of an object from a light source.
Because additive color comes to our eyes directly (unless it is filtered), it is purer color and is able to represent a broader range of the spectrum than subtractive color.   For this reason, even under the best conditions it is very rare that your monitor, which is RGB (additive), and offset printing, which is CMYK (subtractive), will ever match.

So, the short answer is no.   However, we assure you that our highly experienced team and state-of-the-art equipment will produce your job in the best quality possible.