Print Advertising Ideas for Motherís Day

Fact: There is no worse holiday to forget than motherís day!

You forget Fatherís Day or Secretaries Day, they might not even notice. You forget someoneís birthday, Valentineís Day, or your wedding anniversary; youíre going to be in for some trouble. But you forget Motherís Day, and the worst thing of all happens: she gives you a sad little smile, and tells you itís okay, she knows that youíre very busy.

Yeah, right! Itís okay as long as you donít mind getting the cold shoulder for the next six months!

Luckily, our deep societal need to avoid this severe familial faux pas opens the door for great advertising opportunities. This is particularly true if your business sells flowers or spa products or Michael Buble CDs, but it also applies to any business that is looking for a way to make significant contact with consumers.

Advertising has to do more than just tell people how great a product or service is, it has to actually offer them something of value, and ideally, that something of value is something tangible. This is never more important than on Motherís Day, when the key to our collective success is that we REMEMBER. Itís for this reason that print advertising is the most effective medium for a Motherís Day campaign. Unlike TV, radio, and internet advertising, print can be held in your hand, tacked to the wall, or kept in your wallet as a valuable reminder.

Motherís Day Print Advertising At Your Place of Business

It doesnít matter what they of business you are, Motherís Day is a great marketing opportunity, and thereís no reason for you not to benefit:

  • If youíre a business that carries gift-type items, print reminders of the fast-approaching nature of Motherís Day should decorate your storefront, enticing customers to come inside. Posters, banners, hang tags, labels, and stickers can all be custom printed to attract customers and point them towards the perfect gifts.
  • If youíre not a business that carries traditional gift-type items, now might be the perfect time to challenge your customers to think of you in a new context. After all, not all moms want a traditional gift. Some momís might love a gift certificate for a bellybutton piercing, or a new set of power tools, or a new briefcase. Advertising your productís unique suitability as a Motherís Day gift can attract gift-buyers, as well as mothers who appreciate your fresh, un-stereotypical approach.
  • If youíre a restaurant or bar, have table tent displays printed reminded eaters to RESERVE FOR MOTHERíS DAY!
  • Donít be afraid to advertise to/for grandmothers. While someoneís picking up a gift for their mom, why not get something for grandma, too?
  • Consider doing some post-Motherís Day advertising FOR mothers that feel forgotten. Now that the day is over, itís time to invite these ladies to pamper themselves. After all, moms do all the hard work for their families, and that includes the majority of shopping and purchasing decisions. Let them know that YOU havenít forgotten!

Motherís Day Direct Mail Campaign

There are several clever ways to advertise your business through a direct mail Motherís Day campaign, and they all offer a great ROI:

  • A Motherís Day greeting card that people can actually give to their mothers. There are plenty of ways that you can promote your business on these cards while maintaining the greeting card look.
    For example, if youíre a florist, the card can read on the inside, ďHappy Motherís Day! Expect a delivery from Brownís Exotic Flowers and Plants later today!Ē The customerís ability to use the card is, obviously, dependent on their use of your service.
  • A postcard campaign simply reminding people that Motherís Day is on its way. This a great option for a business that does not cater to the Motherís Day gift-buying crowd. You are providing a valuable free service without appearing to put sales pressure on the consumer.
    For example, youíre postcard copy might read: ďForget that Motherís Day is only 2 days away? Come work of the stress at Fitness Freaks Gym and Spa!Ē
  • For a simple, cheap approach, mail out flyers showcasing your products or services that are ďjust for moms.Ē
  • Cash in on post-Motherís Day guilt by running a direct mail campaign that suggests ways to make up for missing Motherís Day: ďDid you miss Motherís Day? Show her that you never forget how special she is by taking her out for a lobster dinner!Ē

Motherís Day Print Ad Copy Points

Make sure that whatever type of print display or campaign you choose, you convey the three cardinal points of the occasion: ďYour ONE chance to show your Mother how much you appreciate her is FAST approaching, and if you donít come through, something TERRIBLE is going to happen.Ē Of course, your copy will be a bit more subtle than this, but the these three points must be brought home:

  1. Mothers are important and underappreciated.
  2. The day will be here before you know it.
  3. If you forget, the consequences will be highly unfavorable.

It's Not Too Late!

The only thing sadder than a kid that forgot about Motherís Day is a business that forgot to advertise for Motherís Day. Lucky for you, Hotcards offers 24 Ė 48 hour turnaround times on all their best Motherís Day ad printing. That means that youíve still got to opportunity to place your order in time to cash in on the Motherís Day consumer bonanza.

Sure, some people complain when you ďcapitalizeĒ on special occasions, but hey, just tell them that if you donít, they might forget about Motherís Day, and as my dear mother always says, ďthen youíll really have something to complain about!Ē