Print Advertising For Halloween - It's Not Just For Kids

Halloween Spending Is On The Rise

Halloween is one of those celebrations that’s only getting more popular. While it used to be a time for parties and trick or treating mainly in North America, these last few years we’ve been seeing printing orders from Halloween printing rise in the UK, and all across Europe.

Halloween printing geared towards adults is also experiencing a rise in popularity. That means it's not just about kids and candy anymore. It's about fabulous parties, expensive costumes, and creating a memorable experience.

As generations born in the 80s and 90s grow up, we’re showing increased tendency to continue to enjoy the fun times we had as kids, which is why bars, clubs, and parties will be packed with people dressed in wild costumes this Halloween. It’s also why Halloween print promotions geared towards adults are returning such a great ROI for businesses.

Think your business and Halloween have nothing in common? Think again! Almost any business can use the event as an opportunity for a print advertising campaign.

  • All clothing stores carry items suitable for costumes. Consumers are demonstrating a willingness to invest hundreds of dollars in a costume, including shoes, makeup and accessories, so invest in some giant banner printing to entice them in.
  • Craft and textile suppliers can also benefit from the mad scramble for the perfect costume, just do a little poster printing to advertise!
  • Anything that can be construed as a party supply (food, drinks, decorations, even home decor and hardware) can be advertised as an essential Halloween party item with flyer printing.
  • Media (music, movies, books) can be promoted as part of a fun night in, or as a party accessory. Get the word out by running a local postcard direct mail campaign.
  • Phones, cameras, and video recorders are all essential parts of staying in touch and recording the fun of the occasion. Flyer printing is also a great promotional tool for this sector.
  • Finally, all venues can, and must, host Halloween parties, which means invitation printing and club card printing.

Use Creative Print Design To Draw Consumers

Any industry can enjoy a boost in business during the Halloween season. Yes, it’s a season. It’s not just one night. Halloween in 2008 involves a couple of weeks of preparation, culminating in three or four nights of solid merrymaking.

And the truth is that Halloween’s popularity is growing faster than the promotional efforts of advertisers. Often, the staple Halloween supply stops – costume rentals, used clothing stores, grocery stores, and liquor stores – are running low on supplies by the time the day rolls around. And bars and clubs that throw parties are uncomfortably packed.

This means that all the businesses that aren’t benefiting right now from running a Halloween print promotion, could be. Just think creatively – how can YOUR business use print advertising to monetize this Halloween? Invitations to an event? Contest cards? How about a SCARY direct mailer? (After all, they're already pretty scary, aren't they?)

Start planning your spooky print designs right now – you can still get your printing order in, and cash in, on this fun, frivolous holiday.

Have a Happy Halloween!