Print Advertising Campaign Ideas for the Fourth of July

Turn the Fourth of July into Christmas in July with the right print designs and marketing campaign.

On and around the fourth of July, most people engage in the very proud and noble national tradition of spending a lot of money. Planning parties, BBQs, extended weekends at the lake, post-game tailgates, and fireworks displays require purchasing a lot of resources – everything from meat, to new clothes, to a pool.

Almost all industries stand to see increased returns at this time of year. This means that most businesses should prepare to attract and cater to all those summer kickoff bucks.

Direct Mail

An inexpensive, effective way to begin a Fourth of July marketing promotion is by running a direct mail campaign advertising your Fourth of July sale, or, if you’re a club owner or promoter, your Fourth of July event.

Glossy, full color postcards are the slickest and cheapest way to generate a strong ROI from a direct mail campaign. However, if you’re having a sale on large-scale products, such as boats, vehicles, or condos, it might be best to invest in a full color two-fold brochure.

Print Advertising

For businesses like clubs, restaurants, and others in the entertainment industry, now is also the time to order any printing you might need to advertise your event. Posters, flyers / club cards, event tickets, and table tent displays are all great for advertising a show, a party, or a BBQ.

At this time of year, retail and service providers may also want to put on an “event.” In other words, you want to turn your Fourth of July sale or promotion into an exciting event that will attract consumers. This can be done with a BBQ, games, prizes, or anything that is perceived as offering something fun and interesting to customers beyond the scope of the everyday.

In-Store Print Displays

A major part of putting on a Fourth of July “event” is turning your place of business into a paper palace of red, white, and blue. Posters, banners, and of course, stickers for the kids, are all perfect for showing your patriotism, and creating a sense of occasion and excitement. Special Fourth of July hang tags and product labels can even be printed to certify your products as “Fourth of July steaks,” “Fourth of July lawn chairs,” or “Fourth of July swimwear.”

Designing Print Promotions

One of the great things about advertising for a Fourth of July sale or event is that your design colors and theme come ready made. The old red, white, and blue are an Independence Day must, but there’s no reason to stop there. Spicing up your print designs with a fun, unique theme will make your event stand out.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

Uncle Sam

He’s everybody’s favorite poster boy, and he wants YOU to Eat at Joe’s on the Fourth of July. Worried that this might be taken as an unpatriotic use of old Uncle Sam? Don’t be! The concept first became popular during the war of 1812, when the initials U.S. were stamped on barrels of meat being shipped to soldiers stationed at the front. Uncle Sam himself didn’t get adopted as a national symbol until 1961, which means he was used first to sell food, and second to support the war effort. It just goes to show that the way to a nation’s heart is through its stomach!


Never forget the true meaning of the Fourth of July. It celebrates our independence from Great Britain. Ever since that historic day, it’s been an American tradition to think and act independently, so why not encourage your customers to do so. It’s one of the interesting paradoxes of marketing that when you invite people to think for themselves, they tend to arrive at the conclusion that spending money on your products or services is a great idea.

Buy American

If you’re proudly American-owned and operated, why not let everyone know it? There’s no better time to appeal to the consumer’s sense of patriotism.

The National Anthem

Did you know that the Star-Spangled Banner is sung to the tune of an old English drinking song – To Anacreon in Heaven. It’s a little know fact, and one that could easily be turned into an advertising campaign by a club or beverage producer interested in appealing to people’s sense of fun on the Fourth.

The Nation’s Pasttime

To most of us, baseball is as synonymous with the Fourth of July as fireworks and hotdogs. All of these things evoke the sweetness and freedom and beauty of summer. Turn your Fourth of July theme into a celebration of the greatest game on earth, and inspire your customers to celebrate along with you by buying a new TV, a BBQ, or patio set. This theme can work for any retailer, even if you’re not selling the sporting life per se.

Well, don’t just stand there! It’s time to start preparing for the Fourth of July. And hey, if you can get enough done between now and then, you might even get the Fourth off yourself!

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