Print Advertise Your Website

Allow your web marketing plans to branch out in unexpected ways.

You can run adword campaigns until you’re blue in the face, but it some industries, marketing your website purely online is akin to hitting your head against a brick wall.

Even if a business is purely web-based, with virtually no offline infrastructure (no office, no material products, no storefront), it can still benefit massively from the use of print advertising. In fact, websites that truck in pure information/technology are often those most in need of print advertising.

Almost every print ad you see these days includes a URL, but we’re only beginning to see print ads dedicated to driving web traffic. In the printing industry, we are now seeing this trend explode in popularity.

For most websites in the process of developing a print marketing campaign, the big question is: how can we make our site look great in print?

Here are a few popular options:

  • A direct mail campaign using postcards that look like a page from your site.
  • Event tickets granting recipients ‘access’ to your site, with special promotional codes included.
  • Brochures designed to showcase a large site, and walk visitors through easy navigation.
  • Plain business cards containing just a URL.
  • A two-part campaign involving a printed invitation (card, marketing letter, flyer) containing information that is followed up/expanded on a splash page.
  • Offering your email newsletter in print form.

There are a million creative ways for a website to market itself in print. The only really important principle to stick to is that the campaign must create a clear visual connection between the site and the print collateral. This is easily accomplished by applying web design styles and principles to your print designs or, as is becoming increasingly stylish, vice-versa.