Postcard Direct Mail Marketing for Giants

Have you ever wanted to be a giant? Even if you haven’t, you’ve probably had plenty of moments where you felt too small. Like right now, maybe? You’re trying to put together a postcard direct mail campaign for your business, but you don’t know where to begin…

Begin here: SIZE MATTERS!

Pretty Cute Small Postcard

Start your print ad campaign with a run of direct mail jumbo postcards. Postcards are an inexpensive way to run a large direct mail campaign and, by getting your sweaty little paws on a stack of jumbo postcards measuring 6 x 9 or 6 x 11, you guarantee yourself a piece of direct mail that will stick out in ANY mail box.

Because there’s no envelope to be opened, and the eye is instantly caught by the full-color design, postcards are one of the most highly read forms of direct mail. Combine this with an impressively sized card, and you’ve hit pay-dirt.

Jumbo Postcard Jumbo Impact

And thanks to all that extra room available on your jumbo postcard direct mailer, you can do all kinds of nifty things with it:

  • Include a coupon. This will help you track the success of your campaign.
  • Have the postcard double as an inexpensive brochure. Use all that space for price lists, portfolio items, or even a frame-by-frame walkthrough of your product or service.
  • Draw attention to the size of your card. Point out that it could only have been sent by a true industry giant with a GIANT heart and GIANT deals to offer.
  • Use Hot Cards’ direct mailing services to cash in on low postal charges, list generation, and list management that gets jumbo results out of your jumbo campaign.
  • Print on glossy card stock, and use full color. This will make the difference between a tacky, boring first impression, and the kind of slick, eye-catching postcard direct mail promotion that can't be ignored.