Political Sign and Poster Printing

Whether you're working on an election campaign, a campaign to raise awareness on a particular issue, or you just want to support your favorite candidate or cause, posters can be your most effective allies for getting the word out.

What's the Difference Between Political Posters and Political Signs?

The major differences between posters and signs are how they are designed and how they are used. Political signs are usually held by supporters at rallies, or displayed on lawns. They are designed to include an extremely short message (usually just the last name of a candidate and what they are running for), and are graphically minimalistic.

The short and sweet nature of the sign's message is due largely to the fact that they are seen mainly from a distance (i.e. by passing cars) or in large groups at rallies, protests, or on picket lines, in the case of union printing. Political signs need to make an impact in a split second, so they can't sustain the detailing found on posters.

Political posters are generally found on walls and in windows. Posters include more detailed information than signs, inviting viewers to stop and examine the fine print. More effort can be invested in creating intricate designs for posters because they are intended to be seen at a closer distance than signs.

The Sign and Poster Printing Process

These might seem like significant differences, but posters and signs are actually very similar in that poster printing and sign printing are exactly the same. Although signs are normally designed horizontally, and posters, vertically, this difference doesn't change the offset printing process, which means that next time you're looking for political signs from Hotcards, you can simply order them on the "Posters" product page.

Designing Political Signs and Posters

If you've chosen Hotcards to do your poster printing, maybe you've also chosen to use our design services. If you're designing a political poster on your own, however, you might be wondering where to begin.

Every poster has two main design elements: images and copy. The term ‘copy' refers to all the information that's going to be on the poster. Many poster designers may consider copy secondary to arresting imagery, but for political poster design, the copy element is going to be very important, so begin designing by writing out exactly what your poster needs to say.

Refining Poster Copy

Once you know what needs to be said, organize your copy in order of importance. The most important thing your poster is going to say should be presented at the top of the page, using the largest font size. It's this information that will attract attention, and get passers-by to stop and read your poster in greater detail. So, for example, at the top of a political poster, it might say,


Now that you have the audience's attention, you follow up with the next most important piece of information, usually using a smaller font size:

"Come to a rally is support of tuition freezing!"

Finally, near the bottom of the poster design, finish off your message with details in an even smaller (but not illegible!) font size:

"Friday, December 7th, 2007, Student Union Building, E Block"

And a bit of extra encouragement never hurts:

"Together, we can make a difference!"

By organizing information in this way, the large text at the top of the posters spreads your message, while the finer points are accessible to anyone who's interested in stopping to read.

Colors and Imagery

Political posters are one of the few in the poster genre that can get away with a copy-heavy design. Images are, in fact, optional, although you will want to include any relevant logos, or anything else that might create an association or fire up the spirit of your audience.

Regardless of image choice, however, you will need to choose a color scheme that's best suited to your political cause.

For political poster printing, the most popular colors are:

  • Red, white, blue, and gold, for election campaigning.
  • White, black, gold, and red, for issue-oriented campaigning.
  • Green and white, for environmental campaigning.

These colors will, in general, instantly alert passers-by to the politically relevant nature of your message. The wrong colors, on the other hand, could confuse your message or attract the wrong audience. And unfortunately, hitting the wrong demographic is a surefire way of wasting your political poster printing investment.

Time to Print!

There are many ways to go about designing political signs and posters, but for beginners, following the above simple guidelines will ensure that your poster design is direct and effective. And once your design is complete, you've got nothing left to worry about, because Hotcards' poster printing experts will take care of the rest!