Political Campaign Palm Card Printing

Palm cards are a politician’s best friend. They might be the smallest printing job done during a campaign, but their impact is anything but trivial.

The process of designing and printing a palm card is identical to that of designing and printing a postcard, except Palm cards are now 3"x5", but many of the same design principles apply. Whereas postcards or business cards tell clients and associates about your business, palm cards tell voters about your candidacy or your bill and the key issues pertaining thereto.

Basically the palm card is a small, easy access, wallet-sized campaign sign that voters can carry around with them and reference any time they want to consider and discuss their favorite candidate.

Palm Cards Do it Better

All good palm cards should include:


  • Candidate’s name
  • Logo
  • Candidate’s picture (smile!)
  • Any other information relevant to the election or bill that you are hoping to inform voters about, such as dates and political party affiliation.


  • A simple, straightforward list of your major campaign issues. When listing your issues, try to find an effective space between being too wordy and just skimming over important points.

The Life of the Party

Palm cards are perfect for handing out by the bushel at rallies, public events, in mailboxes, and to supporters willing to distribute them independently. Perfect because they are very inexpensive, but their impact is major. A palm card in a wallet may be brought out multiple times between now and election day, and every time a carrier sees it, he or she is not only reminded of you, but reminded to vote for you.

In the past, campaigning candidates have often elected to go for boring palm card designs and coloring. Many of the palm cards you’ve seen probably look like miniature versions of yard signs, but this need not be the case.

Election campaign palm cards provide the perfect opportunity for your campaign to delve into bold designs and full color printing. The inexpensive nature of the product naturally offsets the expense of color. And if you go with Hotcards, even cost will no longer be an issue.

Hotcards is a full color gang run printer, which means full color printing at a very low price. Unless you have a professional black and white photo taken, (and even if you do!), odds are your candidate’s picture will look much better in full color.

Maximize Palm Card Potential

There’s practically no limit to what you can use a palm card for. You can advertise all your issues on the back, or you can focus on one major issue that’s geared towards informing a particular voter demographic.

Some candidates even have space on their palm cards for voters to answer questions about the issues that matter to them. The cards can then be returned to party headquarters and provide you with valuable voter feedback. And even if voters never return the card, you’ve still gotten across the message that you are interested in what they have to say and are prepared to initiate a dialogue.

Rockland County Legislator Bruce Levine has another valuable use for his palm cards, according to blogger Sarah Netter. Levine says that he keeps his old palm cards on file to remind him of the promises he made to voters, and to keep track of the ones he has kept, and the ones he still needs to keep. Whether or not your candidate will actually do this, it sure does make for good PR, and that, in itself, is the essence of the palm card.