Personal Stat Card Printing

Business card printing – why do people do it? They do it to make networking easy, to create instant points of contact with new and potential business associates, and to make sure that it's easy for them to pass their business information along. But business people aren't the only ones that need this kind of card.

A Cool Alternative to Business Cards

Whether you're traveling, shopping, or club-hopping, you're always meeting tons of cool people, right? But, especially when you're clubbing or going to parties, it can actually be hard to keep track of the people you meet. After all, writing names and phone numbers on old napkins or receipts is just asking to never see those details again.

That's why, at Hotcards, we make business card printing available to all you busy social networkers out there in the form of the personal stat card. The stat card provides you with a slick, sexy way of exchanging details with interesting people. At only sixty bucks for a thousand full color cards, you can afford to go through them as fast as you like. Just keep a few tucked away in your wallet or purse at all times.

Share As Much Information As You Want…

The personal stat card can include all kinds of information – home phone, cell phone, email, Facebook, IM, whatever. You can even include more personal details – if it's that kind of party.

And unlike business card printing, you can have a lot of fun with the personal stat card. Lots of people even like to include pictures of themselves on their card. At Hotcards, you can have cards printed to include a full-color, photo-quality image of yourself at no extra cost.

Or As Little…

Of course, another great feature of the personal stat card is that it offers you the opportunity to protect your privacy. You can always choose to leave your phone numbers and personal email off the card, so that anyone you give it to can only contact you in the specific ways that you want to be contacted.

If you want to stay flexible, leave room in your stat card design for a few lines of blank space. That way, you can add extra information, or a special message, as the situation demands.

Even people who already use business card printing can take advantage of the personal stat card. After all, you don't want to give friends some stuffy card that tells them more about your boss's company than about you! The personal stat card can be given out to not just new acquaintances, but to all your friends and family, so that they can keep track of your information.

The Perfect Traveling Companion

If you're about to go traveling, don't leave home without this awesome alternative to the business card. The stat card is the perfect token for those you meet around the world to remember you by – particularly if you have it designed to include your picture.

Next time you're at the club, don't lose track of that hottie while you're writing your number on a napkin. Be truly smooth, and pull out your freshly printed stat card. Just like business card printing is essential to corporate climbing, the stat card is the ultimate tool for building your social capital.

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