Off-Campus Printing for Colleges and Universities

Bringing New School Print Solutions to the Old Alma Mater

It wasnít long ago that there were only a scattering of institutes of higher learning in this country. And each of these venerable establishments had their own publishing house, from which they printed the works of the scholars and visionaries that graced their hallowed halls.

That was then, and this is now.

Itís the 21st century, and not at all unusual to be a college or university without a printer on the premises. Many post-secondary establishments are located in urban centers where they donít have the space for it. Others, trying to fight rising tuition costs, simply donít have the budget.

Even when a school does have its own printing press, often itís only available for select jobs. Maybe the student council only has 1/10th of the access they need, and special interest groups have no access at all. The result of this is that a lot of fundraising and event-planning is done with poster paints and ink jet printers. But what is this? High school?

By developing a long-term relationship with an off-campus printer, all the students and instructors that arenít publishing the next big thing in 21st century critical theory can have access to design, print, and even web development services.

Time to Get Professional

Thereís no reason why a college or university shouldnít have access to a regular, reliable printing service that allows all faculties and student groups to print quality, professional materials.

By directing all school jobs to the same printer, you can ensure that the graphic and stylistic requirements of your establishment are maintained and standardized, and you might get cut some great deals as a returning customer.

A long-term relationship with an off-campus printer can also make it easy to deal with challenges that are faced by any establishment that regularly produces large amounts of print materials. For example, maybe your fine arts department has designed a brochure of unusual size. Or maybe the college radio wants to publish a weekly zine but the campus printer doesnít generally do this type of work.

A printer that regularly does the printing for your school will be ready to handle these curve balls. Hotcards, for example, has a feature on their website that allows you to instantly generate custom quotes for unusual projects. And knowledgeable team members are always available to answer questions and help you get that unusual job done right.

The Benefits of Expertise

When selecting a printer, it can also be worthwhile to choose a company with experience in graphic design. Most schools already have their own logos, letterheads, and preferred typefaces, but whatís the Biology Students' Association going to do when they host their annual pub crawl? Having access to design experts through your schoolís printing service can benefit everyone from the deanís office on down.

An eclectic print and design development service like Hot Cards can take care of everything from faculty brochures and presentation pocket folders, to event posters, tickets, and even direct mail promotions.

Direct Mailing for Schools

Over the last academic year, colleges and universities have begun to use direct mailing to promote new programs and services, and to inform their surrounding communities about upcoming events. A glossy, two sided, full color postcard is not only the most effective form of direct mail, itís also a great way to send an instant, impactful message about your establishment or program.

Working with a printer can help you to get inspired and find out about all the advertising and marketing trends that schools across the country are using. Print material comes in so many different forms, and it can be used to inform, educate, entertain, encourage, and raise awareness about a variety of causes and interests Ė if you work with the right printer.

So put down that poster paper and those watercolors. This isn't nursery school, it's big business, and the only way to make a real statement is through slick, professional print materials.

This series of articles is being published by Hot Cards as a resource catering to our amazing variety of clients. If you have a printing question or interest specific to your industry or specialization, let us know, and we'll work on featuring it here.