Moving Card Printing

Besides special occasions like holidays and weddings, one of the main demands for greeting card printing come from families and businesses in need of moving cards. Moving card printing is a fun, elegant way to let your friends and/or clients know that you’ve changed locations.

Better than Email

Moving card printing is not one of those things that can be easily replaced by email. Offering the people who need to know about your move a tangible piece of printing that they can keep on file or on the fridge has many benefits over email.

As a friend or consumer, I want to know all your new information, and I want it to be easily accessible. If I have to dig through a pile of old emails for it, you better hope you’re a good friend OR my absolute favorite salon.

For businesses, moving card printing is a marketing investment. It’s not direct mail per se, but it does function in the home of the consumer as a reminder to come on down and check out the new location.

More than Direct Mail – An Invitation

It’s crucial to the success of your promotion not to design a moving card that looks like just another direct mailer. Otherwise, you risk getting thrown out with a pile of unwelcome ‘junk mail.’ The moving card should look like a communication from a friend, and one of the best ways to do this is to design the card like an invitation.

The invitation could be direct, as to a launch or housewarming party, or open, simply conveying an enticement to come and explore your new digs.

Information to Include

If you’re not interested in doing something as overt as an invitation, your moving card need contain only your personal or business information, and of course, your new address, phone, email, etc…

Keeping It Fresh and Distinctive

Because you’re working with a relatively small amount of information when it comes to moving card printing, there’s lots of space left available for creative design.

Currently, moving cards are showing a trend towards actually leaving all that white space…white. This strategy not only conveys the freshness of your move, it also helps separate you out from copy and image-heavy direct mailers.

If too much empty space isn’t your style, you can keep the distinctiveness but add flair by playing with die-cutting and embossing. Although these embellishments aren’t ideal for all print design, they are pleasing additions to moving cards, and to greeting card printing in general.

Go Beyond the Photocopier

The final step in moving card production is finding the right printer for your job. After all, you didn’t do all this design work only to have your moving card printed on flimsy copy paper.

Because you don’t want to look like direct mail, it’s ideal to find a moving card printer that uses quality paper, and inks that won’t smudge in the recipient’s hand. Not only can Hotcards provide you with this level of quality, we can also handle mailing, if required.

Now you have one aspect of moving dealt with. Only 1, 683 to go.