Making A Cheap Print Project Look Like A Big Deal

Itís easy if youíre prepared to design strategically.

Often, musicians, artists, charities, and other non-profit organizations need to make a big statement with printing, but how can this be done on a very limited budget?

Whether an information booth is being set up at an event, or an open house is being held, effective promotion requires a significant print display to capture attention. That could mean banners, posters, stickers, and brochure printing.

But thatís not exactly in everybodyís budget.

Enter The Unassuming Single Sheet Flyer

To create a great print display using only flyer printing, all you need to do it design creatively.

Think of each page as a unique design space.

  • Side 1 - Should be laid out in portrait format.
  • Side 2 - Should be laid out as a landscape.
  • Side 1- Can then be designed to fold in half and DISPLAY as a landscape in folded form.
  • Side 2 - Can be designed in three panels so that it stands as a portrait when an accordion or gate fold is applied.

The Icing On The Cake

Each side should also be designed so that it can be displayed flat, like a poster or conventional single sheet flyer display.

By organizing your flyer print design space in this way, you effectively create FOUR different ways your flyer can be displayed, each of which appears unique, thereby tricking the eye into seeing a variety of promotional materials.

Go The Extra Mile For Real Style

The final design will be particularly effective if you consider how each design space will look when folded and finished.

For each side, think about which section will be on display when folded. These sections should really pop as the front of a folded flyer, but should blend seamlessly with the rest of the design when displayed lying flat.

versatile flyer design

Highly technical design schematic.