Mailing Services FAQs

1. Why should I use your mail service?
It’s about the effective use of your time. You have many daily tasks on your plate managing your business and personal needs. By using our mailing services, we can help you save time, money, and aggravation. You will also save money on shipping and our CASS certification gives us the lowest postal charges possible. So, save yourself that trip to the post office and let us do the work for you!

2. What is list management?
There are two (2) forms of list management.

The first is where will generate a list for you based on residential or business criteria. Once your list is generated we save it and also give you a copy for your future mailings.

The second type of list management is where we manage a list provided by you, the customer, for repeat direct mail jobs. We will save and make frequent backups of your lists for future mailings.

3. How are your lists generated? has access to a national database containing millions of business and residential listings. can generate a custom list for your next mailing tailored specifically to your needs.

4. How long will it take to generate a customized list for my mailing?
This depends on the size of your list. Typically, list generation takes 24-48 hours.

5. How often do you update your lists?
Our list databases are updated on a daily basis. Our national database constantly receives updated information.

6. Why do I need addressing and sorting services?
Addressing and sorting is why the post office gives us bulk rate discounts. Our software can sort your list right down to the mail carrier. Because of this high level of sorting it saves the post office a lot of time and money, so we are able to pass on those savings to you!

7. What are your postal costs?
Postal costs are determined by the Size, Weight, and Class that a piece is being mailed. Please contact us to request a quote.

8. How much space do I need to leave on my design for the address?
Different sizes require different setups. Visit the Postcards section of our website where you can download templates which give very detailed instructions on how to setup your direct mail project.