List Generating

Targeted list building maximizes your marketing investment.

The goal of any marketing campaign is to reach as wide a range of people as possible. A direct mail campaign can be the cheapest, most effective way to launch the print portion of your promotions, as long as you begin with on-point list generation.

List generation by Hotcards gives your company access to a broad range of people that can be targeted on a local or national level. With our team of direct mailing experts on your side, your campaign will be meticulously customized and targeted to max out your ROI. We generate mailing lists based on a wide range of fields including age, gender, and neighborhood. Just tell us what you need.

While working with Hotcards, these are just a few of the resources that will be available to your marketing effort:

  1. Tailored customer lists for targeted mailing.
  2. Business lists customized to fit your campaign.
  3. Occupant lists for B-to-B and corporate targeting.
  4. Mapping tools.
  5. Processing and verification of generated lists.

If you’ve already purchased or generated your own list, Hotcards can step in at any point during your campaign to assist with list management, or any other part of your mail marketing process. Our expert service is at your disposal.

Whether you need to target a small demographic within your community, or millions of people nationwide, our skill and experience will be an invaluable asset to your marketing team.

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