Introduce Yourself With Door Hanger Printing

Maybe you've just started a new business, or maybe you've relocated, or opened a new branch of your successful company. Whatever your story, you're now faced with the question: how do I introduce myself to the neighborhood? The answer: door hanger printing.

Even a business that caters to a specialized clientele can benefit massively from visibility within their immediate geographic area. Door hanger printing is the perfect way to launch a brand-building campaign.

Door Hangers vs. Direct Mail

As a direct mail printer, we could go on and on about the benefits of a postcard or greeting card campaign, but let's take a moment to look at how direct mail measures up to the door hanger.

For one thing, door hangers tend to be less expensive. They are basically like direct mail printing, minus the cost of shipping.

Door hanger printing also allows you to skip the expense of lead generation, or buying lead lists. A neighborhood can either be blanketed in door hangers, or targeted advertising can be done visually, by, for example, offering pool cleaning services only to homes with pools, or real estate services to tenants of rental properties.

Another way that door hangers trump direct mail is with presentation. While a piece of direct mail goes right from the mailbag to the mailbox, a door hanger tends to be presented at the front of a property, visible to those walking and driving by.

Imagine if someone told you that you could put a little full color print ad up on every house in a given neighborhood – that's what door hanger advertising is!

Respectful Delivery Methods

Of course, the reason you can't, as a rule, put full color printing up on people's homes is because respect of private property is important. That's why it's a good idea to take a hands-on approach to the delivery of your door hangers.

Rather than hiring a faceless service to deliver your ad, get to know the people who will be hanging your full color printing investment. Explain delivery etiquette to them, and ask that they be courteous and respectful.

Delivery people should not be aggressive if homeowners ask them off their property, and they should be ready with a smile and additional information on your business if someone stops them to chat.

This approach might require some extra effort on the part of your business, but it can improve your ROI tremendously, which is all the more important for a new business hoping to make a good impression.

Developing Your Door Hanger Message

When designing your new-to-the-neighborhood door hangers, don't think of your promotion as just any old junk mail. You're not trying to annoy prospective customers, but to inform them of your presence in their community.

Brainstorm what it is you offer that is unique, helpful, and convenient, and present yourself as a solution to a problem or lack being experienced in the neighborhood.

Often, a new business will combine a door hanger campaign with a promotion such as an open house, a sale, a BBQ, or some other meet-and-greet event. In this case, your door hanger printing won't be an ad so much as an invitation for the community to come on down at a certain date and time, and get to know you.