High-Security Event Ticket Printing

Back in the day, when we wanted to go to, oh, say a carnival, or a boxing match, the pinnacle of event ticket printing was a roll of small pieces of rough paper. Their big feature was perforated corners that made for easy tearing off the roll. And if you were willing to shell out the big bucks, you could also choose the color of paper that the tickets were printed on.

You know, as an added event security measure.

Of course, these were the days before the photocopier and desktop printer became commonplace.

These days, event ticket printing is as much science as it is art. Tickets are documents requiring high security to prevent unauthorized reproductions and forgery. The nature of your event, and the cost of the ticket, will determine what level of security your ticket design requires.

High Security, Low Cost

Another factor contributing to the security measures you choose will be cost. Not all events have million-dollar production budgets, but all events do want tickets that canít be easily duplicated. Luckily, low cost printers do offer anti-counterfeiting features that are either included in the base printing cost, or are inexpensive add-ons.

The most basic thing you can do for ticket security is to have your tickets printed by a professional printing house. And sure, maybe that does sound like exactly the sort of thing a printer would tell you, but in this case, itís more than just a marketing pitch.

The fact is that most home printers canít handle the quality of paper stock required to produce a high-end ticket. Premium gloss coated card stock, like the kind we use at Hotcards, creates ticket printing that canít be duplicated by a photocopier or desktop printer.

And a high quality ticket doesnít just convey security and trust, itís also durable enough to survive months in a wallet leading up to your much-hyped event!

The Security of Full Color

A glossy, full color ticket design is another great way to up your ticket security for no extra cost. The type of high-end, full color printed product you get from Hotcards is very difficult, and expensive, for forgers to duplicate. This serves as an effective counterfeiting deterrent.

Inexpensive (and Expensive) Add-Ons

Add-ons such as unique ticket numbering, perforation, embossing (raised letters), and rounded corners can also be inexpensive ways to anti-counterfeit your ticket printing.

Small features like these add to the expense and trouble that forgers have to go through to duplicate tickets, and anything that does that, benefits ticket security.

From this point on, unfortunately, security measures become increasingly expensive. Holograms, barcodes, foil stamping, special coatings, and UV inks, can all be employed as security measures Ė for a price.

Safety in Customization

The best cheap way to create a secure, high-end ticket is to customize it as much as possible. Make your event ticket printing special, unique, and durable. As weíve seen, this can be done extremely inexpensively with a little attention paid to anti-counterfeiting design techniques.

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