Hang Tag Printing Adds Personality

Any product that comes without preexisting packaging can benefit from the presence of a hang tag. The modern consumer wants their purchases to have a sense of personality, good design, and individuality. Hang tag printing allows retailers to convey these qualities by offering the consumer some information of their product and its producer.

Hang tags are a productís best opportunity to forge a personal connection with the consumer. That connection is all-important, whether youíre selling clothing, gourmet food, furniture, shampoo, tools, or anything in between.

Choosing Graphics

Hang tag design should incorporate a blend of graphics and copy. The right images can say as much about you as the right words, so donít be afraid to make your hang tag printing a very visual project that reinforces your brand identity. Here are some graphic-heavy design strategies to consider:

  • A mini panel comic.
  • An image collage of your product line.
  • Detailed product diagrams.
  • An iconic logo focus.

Designing Copy

Even if youíre a very visual type, itís still important to include some vital stats. Every hang tag can include:

  • Company or product URL.
  • Manufacturer information.
  • Business contact information (phone number, address, retail locations).
  • Relevant product information, such as ingredients, materials, instructions, and warnings.

As essential as this information is, however, itís not the kind of information that allows you to reach out to the consumer on a personal level. To hit this mark, hang tags can include some of the following copy elements:

  • Company and/or product history.
  • Design/manufacturing philosophy.
  • Environmental policies or values.
  • A little story, joke, or poem, to show off company character.

Stories and histories are the perfect addition to the back of the hang tag design. The front side can be reserved for images, logos, and slogans. But no need to have one fun side and one boring side. Because Hotcards offers full color printing on both sides of the hang tag, the entire design can be bursting with eye-catching art.

Hand-Drawn Artwork Adds Character

To further add a personalized feeling to your hang tag printing, consider opting for a hand-drawn design. This conveys a sense of individuality and craftsmanship that is highly prized by many consumers.

With internet shopping heralding the rebirth of the small business, many people are straying away from loyalty to big, faceless corporations. They want to know that their purchasing decisions are unique, eco-conscious, and made by real people. A hand-drawn hang tag design sends this message, even if it is printed 50, 000 times.

Forging a Lifelong Connection with Consumers

Ultimately, great, personal-feeling hang tag printing is designed with one goal in mind: when the consumer sees the product in-store, they are immediately charmed by the hang tag, so that they feel not like theyíre buying a material thing, but a philosophy, and, in fact, a whole way of life.

When the consumer gets home with your product, they donít just tear off the tag and throw it away, they examine it in greater detail. Reluctant to throw it out, they stow it in a drawer, or even better, leave it sitting around the house, where others have a chance to get a look at it. The result of all this is a lasting relationship with the consumer, and the expansion of brand awareness.

Sound a little far-fetched? Itís not. By incorporating personality and warmth into hang tag design, tags become more than simply labels, they become a conversation between product and consumer, a piece of art thatís as valuable to making the sale as the product itself. Hang tag printing Ė it really is that cool.