Greeting Card Printing for Direct Mail

There is no single solution when it comes to running a high-ROI direct mail campaign. If you're planning on blanketing a given area or demographic, it's hard to determine what personal touch will have the best effect on the most people. In these cases, direct mail printing like brochures or postcards is a safe, consistent choice.

However, if you're running a campaign geared towards a more refined demographic, greeting card printing is the ideal means for making that personal connection.

The Personal Connection

Greeting card direct mailers are perfect for:

  • Client lists.
  • Specialized lead lists.
  • A seasonal promotion.
  • Event promotion (invitations!)
  • Announcements (change of location, new addition to the company, etc.)

Greeting card mailers are so effective because they don't look like the typical direct mail offering. And they aren't. What they are is a personal communication between your business and your demographic. They should be designed to reflect the style of card you might receive from a friend or family member, with copy that uses a friendly tone, and graphic design that conveys warmth and personality.

The cool thing about greeting card printing is that the more personable it is, the better it functions as a marketing tool. And it's not as if you're trying to trick the consumer. Rather, you're making a positive point of contact that helps your clientele keep you in mind.

Designing a Friendly Greeting Card Promotion

When designing your greeting card direct mail promotion, think of the birthday and holiday cards you see on the rack. This is not to say that you should be trying to create a Hallmark moment, but that you want to work from the basic design principle with which greeting cards were originally created.

The front of the card should contain elements that are amusing or intriguing enough to make the reader want to see inside. This might mean the beginning of a joke, or an image that seems to leap off the page.

Inside the card, it's time to come up with a punchline. This doesn't necessarily have to be something funny, but rather a kind sentiment, a promotion, details on how the recipient can follow up, or simply something amusing, enriching, or informative.

Keep Your Message Strong

Whatever design strategy you choose, remember that even in friendly greeting card printing, you don't want your message obscured by the medium. Don't be shy about identifying yourself and your business. This means not leaving the all-important information as an afterthought signature in the bottom right-hand corner of the card.


Don't worry about envelope design! A greeting card direct mailer needs to be easily read. You don't want an envelope between you and your recipients!

Saying no to envelopes also reduces the expense of your greeting card printing, AND saves paper, which is great for the environment!

As an alternative to envelopes, seal your greeting card printing with small stickers. Stickers can be designed to compliment card design, and they bring a different texture to the mailer, which enhances the recipients' tactile experience.

Design with Your Purpose in Mind

The important thing to focus on in greeting card print design is that you're offering something that is hopefully pleasing and fun to those on your mailing list. Stay committed to this principle throughout the design and printing process!

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