Get Horizontal with Your Brochure Printer

It's an unfortunate truth of the tri-fold brochure that it is invariably and eternally associated with stuffed-shirt industries. These days, that's a bad thing, even if you're a stuffed shirt.

An Invaluable Marketing Tool

However, there's no denying the value of the brochure as a marketing tool. So next time you're working on a brochure, bring it up to date by designing horizontally. The long, narrow brochure has a streamline style that the vertical tri-fold can't hope to achieve. It can be designed to fold in the traditional accordion style, or you can design for a cool gate-fold that in itself opens up all kinds of possibilities.

It's no problem, and should be no extra cost, for a brochure printer to provide horizontal brochure printing, and it invites a world of new design techniques that don't work with a vertical brochure.

A Great Storyteller

For example, the horizontal brochure is much more adept at drawing the viewer's eye from left to right, so it's possible to use your brochure to tell a whole story. Each segment can even be divided into sequential panels that move along like a comic book. Or, conversely, designs or concepts can snake out across the long, dynamic space, creating a sense of liveliness and movement.

A Panoramic Sales Tool

A gate-fold horizontal has the most opportunity to benefit from the long, flowing design. It, too, can tell a great story, as the viewer sees first the front, then the inner panel before finally opening up onto a (hopefully) dazzling panorama.

A Simple Transformation

A final benefit of horizontal brochure design is that it maintains the same basic brochure shape, so that it is immediately recognizable, but ultimately surprising. It can be direct mailed just like a regular tri-fold, and it fits in preexisting brochure display modules. When it comes to doing something unusual with brochure printing, it doesn't get much simpler than that!

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