Gang Run Printing

When you get the similar printing jobs done on the same sheet of paper, it is known as gang run printing. The process of gang run printing utilizes the buying power of multiple consumers who have common goal to get top quality printing done at good rates. Surely by the use of gang run printing one can save time and money. The process is cost-effective for the customers, as they have to pay for the percentage of the sheet utilized by them. Mostly the gang run process is used for printing color business cards, rack cards and postcards. One of the advantages to this method of printing is that it allows you to print on both sides of the sheet. Additionally, you can also get the four-color process (full color) with a high gloss UV-coating. This will ensure the best version of the image. For better results always get the top quality 14-point premium paper.

Usually when you get the full color printing done, the print job cost is attributed to fixed costs of setting up the job on the printing press. Whereas in the case of gang run print jobs, many different printing jobs can absorb these fixed printing costs. Therefore it reduces the overall printing costs. This way you can save hundreds of dollars when printing on a gang run.

As mentioned earlier the gang run print is used for color business cards, postcards, rack cards, mini cards, etc. But making brochures, posters, presentation folders, and flyers are not gang printed, and instead they are printed individually. Gang run printing is ideal for your short-run postcard or short-run rack card as here per piece rate decreases as the quantity increases. In gang run printing, job is placed on the press with other jobs, requiring setting up only once, giving you the benefits of a short run without the expense. Normally the sizes that are used for the gang run printing are Postcard 4¼" x 6", Postcard 6" x 9", Rack card 4" x 9" etc.

Normally the companies that are into gang run printing of color business cards, rack cards, postcards go for the weekly gang runs. If an order for the printing is made in advance then a set schedule for gang printing can give you excellent pricing and reliable and frequent print schedules. Also if there are groups of people who place the order then you can be offered the best deal by the gang run printing company.

Today, you can send the files directly to the gang print houses and get the job done more efficiently. The only drawback of gang run printing is its incapability to control the ink thickness for the neighboring images. Unfortunately, there is very little control over color variations that have occurred during the gang run printing process. The best result that can be achieved is an average color of every different piece that is printed on the sheet.