Full Color Sticker Printing: What To Know Before You Buy

Believe it or not, sticker printing didn't begin as a cheap way to promote your band. Actually, it all started with the adhesive label. Labels were so great at creating brand recognition, and people liked them so much, that they became collectible, and soon, companies started to hand out product labels without any product attached!

From there, the jump to full color sticker printing wasn't far off. The adhesive label came to be used for all sorts of purposes, and when it started to be used just for fun, the sticker was born.

Stickers are such a popular form of printing because they've always had that sense of fun about them. Not only are full color stickers great PR, custom sticker printing is a cool, inexpensive way to express style.

Custom Sticker Printing

What is a custom sticker exactly? It's simply a sticker that is designed by you for a particular purpose. You choose the image, you choose the color scheme, and you choose the size and shape of the sticker.

In the past, it was difficult and expensive to have custom full color stickers printed. Most of the game in town required you to settle for something boring, shell out big money for a single color, or get plain, adhesive shapes and hand-draw your own designs on to them (cool but time consuming!).

Today, cheap custom sticker printing allows any band, small business, organization, or individual to have their own designs printed on high-quality weatherproof vinyl.

Choosing The Best Materials

The variety of super high quality sticker material available today is impressive. There's nothing worse than getting a cool sticker, putting it on your laptop, your mailbox, or another favorite spot, and having one of the following things happen:

  • It peels up because the glue is cheap.
  • It gets faded and bleached by the sun.
  • It gets pulpy and gross the first time it gets a little wet.

Most printers today avoid these problems by using different types of high gloss, weather-resistant, and/or UV protected vinyl with full color sticker printing. Each type of material has a different shelf life, from as little as six months, to as many as six years!

Types of Sticker Printings

The three major types of full color sticker printers working today are:

  • Flexographic,
  • Digital, and,
  • Silkscreen.

Of course, each different printer will tout the benefits of their method. You need to decide what combination of cost vs. quality is right for you.

Right For Your PR Toolkit?

As fun as full color sticker printing is, there's nothing frivolous about it. As with labels, stickers are increasingly becoming a vital PR tool for businesses. In fact, many businesses and professionals looking to project a hip, alternative image are choosing stickers as an alternative to conventional business cards.

While a business might never endorse graffiti, employing a ‘street team' to put your business card stickers up all over town is a great guerrilla promotional tactic. Not only do you increase visibility, you make a statement about the youthful energy and urban connectivity of your business.

Is custom sticker printing right for you? Get in touch with a representative at Hotcards full color printing to find out.

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