Efficiency: Targeting Your Campaign

In order to stage the most efficient direct mailing campaign possible, it is essential to target your mailers, which means getting them out to the right people. This is no flyer campaign, where you just get some local kids to stick your ad under every car windshield on the block. To get the most bang for your buck, you need to generate a list, or better yet, several lists containing the names and addresses of voters that you need to connect with.

List Generation

Lists can be generated in several ways:

  • Hotcards provides targeted list generation services.
  • You may have existing lists of supporters already on file.
  • Lists can be purchased from trade unions or your local Chamber of Commerce.
  • There are also list brokers that sell targeted lists. However, you’ll want to make sure that the lists they sell are right for your purposes before getting into bed with them.

List generation can be the trickiest part of any direct mailing campaign. For your campaign, you will first and foremost need to target the registered voters in your district. As district lines are often changing, make sure that the lists you compile are up to date.

List Optimization

Depending on the message that you want to send, you may decide to break down your master list into multiple subcategories. Hotcards specializes in targeted list generation and list management, so you know where to go for help whenever this starts to seem like more trouble than it’s worth.

The idea of mailing list micromanagement is that you can create uniquely targeted mailers for different demographics. After all, your candidate is bringing many issues to the table, but individuals want to learn about the issues that are important to them. Some unique demographics you may want to consider targeting are:

  • Union members: It is easy to obtain lists of registered union workers. If you print your direct mailing campaign with Hotcards, you can also have your mailer stamped with the union bug, which proudly proclaims, “I support union labor!”
  • Businesses and business owners: Whether you’re mailing to businesses, or business owners in their homes, you know that they have a unique set of concerns and interests that can best be addressed by a targeted mailer.
  • Different age groups: Consider creating a mailer for younger voters that highlights your environmental platform, and a mailer for older homeowners focused on your tax-cutting program.

These are just a few of the ways that political campaign direct mailing can be targeted. The more on target your message can be, the better ROI you can expect to see on Election Day.

Of course, no matter how on target you are, success depends on a message that packs a punch…