DVD Design for Election Canvassing

That’s right. This election season, Presidential candidate volunteers are going door to door with DVDs.

When you open your door to a campaigner, you expect the usual: voter registration cards, flyers, booklets, maybe they’ve even done some palm card printing. But it wasn’t until this election season that political printing jumped over into the realm of DVD covers and inserts.

Adding DVDs to the canvasser’s arsenal is a great idea, especially for a campaign with a not-exactly-impoverished budget. While a 12-page booklet might not be read carefully, a DVD requires virtually no effort to pop into the DVD player or computer.

Here are the elements required to put together a winning campaign DVD:

  • Keep it short: 6 to 10 minutes.
  • Have a storyline. A long campaign commercial is not going to work here. Get voters involved in the narrative of your candidate, and win them over on an emotional level.
  • Minimize production costs by using mostly old footage to tell the story of your candidate.
  • As with booklet printing, incorporate lots of crowd shots, and images of voter enthusiasm and participation.

Of course, you can have the greatest campaign DVD in the world, but if your DVD print designs don’t sell the voter, it will never get watched.

Luckily, designing compelling DVD covers/inserts for your campaign handout is easy. Just follow these simple guidelines:

  • Keep the design busy. Think more ‘live concert DVD,’ and less ‘feature film DVD.’
  • Use glossy, full color DVD insert printing, consistent with the rest of your campaign collateral.
  • Include a call to action on the DVD cover, encouraging voters to watch, and to share the DVD with their friends.
  • Provide viewing options for those without DVD capability. For example, invite them to go to your website and watch the video there.

A campaign DVD is the perfect vehicle for election canvassing, whether included with a booklet, or on its own. And the best part? These days, DVD cover and insert printing isn’t as expensive as you might think!