Door Hangers: The Underappreciated Print Ad Goldmine

Want to get a foot in the door? Do it by conquering that valuable doorknob real estate!

This week’s Hotcards Design Idea of the Week mentioned the recent use of door hangers in the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows print promotion campaign. Looking at my own copy of the fun, full-color door hanger got me thinking about how door hanger printing must be one of the most underutilized forms of print advertising in the industry. This strikes me as odd, since door hangers are one of the cheapest, most effective forms of direct marketing a print campaign can hope to take advantage of.

But the fact that door hangers aren’t used as often as they should be just makes them that much more effective. Because every second piece of print advertising isn’t a door hanger, it means that they stand out from the crowd, and draw consumer interest more easily than the rest of the direct marketing barrage.

This is also true because, unlike direct mail, which sits in mailboxes, waiting to be picked up and brought in the house, door hangers wait on doorknobs, where they’re much more likely to receive special attention.

Best of all, once door hangers are printed, they are as easy to distribute as flyers, postcards, or any other piece of direct marketing. Yes, they have to be hand-delivered, but you get to skip out on the cost and middlemen involved in stamping, addressing, and shipping conventional direct mail. Instead of mail carriers, you’ll be hiring a flyer delivery service for pennies per drop-off, or doing it yourself, if you’re short on cash by high on enthusiasm.

Just a few industries that can benefit from the use of door hangers as a cheap direct mail alternative include:

  • Charities
  • Local events (fairs, sports, family activities, classes, etc.)
  • Gyms and other fitness studios
  • Gas stations, car washes, and other automotive services
  • Landscaping services, as well as other home repair services
  • Real estate and mortgage lending
  • Home businesses who want gain visibility in their community
  • Dentists, optometrists, therapists, etc.

These are only a handful of the businesses that generally experience success when using door hanger advertising. AND this list is only in reference to using door hangers as a marketing tool in the ‘direct mailing’ sense. As we saw in the recent Deathly Hallows campaign, door hangers can also be distributed as a promotional tool for consumers to use inside their homes.

Printed door hangers are one of those pieces of print advertising that possess that ‘intrinsic value’ quality. That is, they can be presented as a gift, like stickers, that people may use and benefit from, while simultaneously being exposed to your brand or product/service offering. Some examples of this include:

  • Printing door hangers promoting party items such as alcoholic beverages, food, stereo equipment, etc. that customers can put on their doors to advertise their party.
  • Printing door hangers for children’s bedrooms, that they can put up to let adults know their busy playing with your brand of toys.
  • Printing door hangers for bathroom doors…the possibilities here are humorous and endless.
  • Printing door hangers for hobbyists working with your products: “Do not disturb, creative genius at work.”

There’s really no limit to the possibilities when it comes to getting your brand into homes on door hangers. Why are these print advertising gems so underutilized? Maybe because we automatically associate them with the plain, boring “Do not disturb / Maid, please clean up room” door hangers at hotels. But through Hotcards, you can take advantage of glossy, durable, full-color door hanger printing that’s anything but boring.

Next time you’re working on a print advertising campaign that needs to stand out, consider the benefits of door hanger printing, just don’t tell your competitors about your new strategy! You don’t want to have to compete with a bunch of other door hanger print advertising campaigns!

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