Designing Political Printing? Be Consistent With Color!

Whether you a campaigner, a protester, or an organizer be.

Full color printing is great. Nowadays, you can have a project printed in brilliant full color for less than we once paid for one and two-color designs. But that doesn’t mean elaborate color schemes are always appropriate, or even necessary.

Call it simple, call it obvious, but this DIotW is all about harnessing the visual power of consistent color use.

Political and Election Campaign Printing

A political candidate, and even a political idea, is much like a brand. To catch the imagination, a brand, or idea, or person, has to represent itself consistently and in such a way that the imagination is inspired.

"Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality."
-Earl Nightingale

To create this ‘branding’ effect, strong use of one or two bold colors is your best ally.

In Practice

At a Protest

When strong unions put together a protest or a march or a picket, they always employ consistent coloring. During the writer’s strike, it was black and red. The colors of the SEIU are yellow and purple.

A crowd that’s carrying signs, banners, and other printing of a single color scheme makes a much stronger visual and hence, ideological impact, then a crowd wherein everybody’s bringing their own ideas and colors and signs to the table.

At the Voting Station

Ballots are tough enough to fill out without having to follow a trail of crude, randomly-designed signs to the ballot box.

Signage at polling stations should employ a bright, consistent coloring and font to lead voters clearly to the place where they need to be. A commitment to color in this case will lead the mind logically from the bus stop or parking lot to the voting booth.

Anyone Can Do It

Not all election campaign printing is done for Presidential candidates. In fact, most of it is done for small, localized events and campaigns. But with the cost of high quality printing as low as it is, there’s no reason why the smallest event can’t have printing worthy of a Presidential candidate.

Consistent use of color in printing is a great way to create this highly professional, slick, and unified effect.