Cool Label Design Ideas

At Hotcards, we specialize in a huge variety of label printing. Some labels we print are as small as 2" x 2", while others are as large as 25.75" x 25.75". This goes to show what a huge variety of products require label printing – everything from make-up to paint cans. But no matter what the product, having a label that stands out and drives the consumer towards point of sale is necessary to the success of any marketing strategy.

If you're stumped for design ideas and Label Printing Day is on its way:

  • 1 - Study other products of the same or a similar type in stores.
  • 2 - Consider the marketing strategies being used by your competitors.
  • 3 - Now do something totally different.

Idea #1: Plain, Simple, Bold

This style is coming on but it's not huge yet, particularly in the mainstream. If you want to stand out, get away from the glossy, overproduced label style. A matte finish, with natural, bold colors and minimal content is becoming increasingly popular amongst consumers, particularly since the generation of disillusionment-spliced-with-fervid-activism has taken economic power.

Earth tones of grey, green, and brown, printed with a matte finish, express, without words or promises, a product's green-friendly nature. This is a way to convey your eco-conscience without a heavy use of copy.

A single, striking word or image can be enough for many labels, conveying simplicity, space (which is VERY important to modern consumers), and a lack of pretense. Minimalist geometric or nonlinear line use can also have a similarly bold, modern feel to it that will make a product pop out.

Idea #2: Go Wild with Fonts

The label is the perfect piece of printing to get really creative with fonts on. This doesn't necessarily mean crazy things like little monkeys shaped into letters, or inscrutable wild 3D graffiti. It just means that unlike brochures or quarterly reports, you have room to work with something a bit stylish.

Browse through the huge selection of fonts designed for the web and available online. Find something that makes your label look like a splash page for a website. Besides developing an eco-conscious style, bringing the web into your print design is the best way to look new and better than your competitors.

Idea #3: Be Brand X

With design moving towards modern simplicity, many products are taking the concept of Brand X to the next level. The solid colors, sans serif fonts, and minimal graphics that once said ‘cheap, low quality brand' are being reimagined, reimaged, and made stylish. Suddenly, there's a Brand X that actually looks good on your shelves, throughout your home, at work, and in your backpack.

Label printing trends are always evolving. As product selection becomes increasingly vast, the competition is always going to be fierce to see who can create the next unmissable product label This means there's always room for creativity in label design. The only thing there's not room for on your label the same old boring design.

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