Community-Focused Door Hanger Printing

John Lennon once wrote, “Come together, right now, over me.” Lennon was a great community leader, but the truth is that everyone has that potential within them.

In this disconnected modern setting of online shoppers and three-hour commuters, it’s easy to forget that most of the areas we live in can still be broken down into small, functional communities.

This forgetfulness is bad news for the local business. How can the little fella, selling books or cutting hair or building pools, compete with this disconnection, and get people to ‘come together’?

The answer: by first getting together as a business community, and then reaching out to the community at large with collaborative, or multi-ad, door hanger printing.

At Hotcards, 1000 door hangers only cost $202.00. That’s already pretty cheap, but imagine splitting that cost five or six ways!

Door hangers become well nigh on free full color printing when several businesses collaborate on the cost. The door hanger has two full sides of design space, so there’s no need to jostle for purchase. And best of all, these multi-ad promotions show a unified front which brings a sense of positive connectivity to the isolated consumer.

Here’s how it works:

Step One:

Several non-competing businesses in the same neighborhood need a cheap way to connect with the community.

Step Two:

These businesses plan to share the expense on a run of door hangers that will feature each business.

Step Three:

The ad-partner businesses create a design focused around the concept of community, buying locally, and featuring each partner equally.

The design can also include ads for upcoming local events to push the idea of community building by shopping locally.

Step Four:

Order full color door hanger printing online through

The design team at Hotcards can also help you develop your door hanger design – if you get stuck for ideas.

Step Five:

You receive your door hangers via shipping. You hire a professional service or neighborhood scamp to hang one on every doorknob in the area.

Step Six:

Upon perusing your multi-business, community-focused door hanger:

  • Neighborhood consumers are filled with a sense of local enthusiasm,
  • Local business visibility increases dramatically,
  • And your little piece of the suburban landscape becomes something a bit more like a community.

All this thanks to multi-ad door hanger printing, and your initiative, of course!