Color (RGB vs. CMYK)

part 1 - Have you ever shopped for a TV in the store? It seems every one looks a bit different. Some make the people look a bit red, others are too bright.. You buy the one you like best, take it home, and it looks different than it did in the store! Computer monitors are the same. We have no way of knowing what you're seeing on your screen. We do offer print proofs at an additional charge.

part 2 - Monitors display images as RGB (red, blue, green) and are displayed with light. This tends to give you a very bright, high contrast image. The full color printing process uses CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) and puts transparent ink on paper. It is impossible for any printer to exactly emulate a computer screen. We pride ourselves on our extremely high quality, however ANY printing process will result in a slightly dulled version of what your screen may be showing. Below is an example of what happens to certain tones when they go from screen to paper.

As you can see, the RGB tones are very bright and appear somewhat fluorescent, and the tones on the right are a bit softer. The best way to get your color where you want it is to purchase a color guide, or color combination book that gives you CMYK mixtures and shows how they will come out printed. A quick Google or search will give you some ideas. This is still not a 100% accurate method, but it is much better than trusting your screen.