Calendar Printing as a Promotional Tool

Increasing Brand Awareness Year-Round

This summer, Hotcards released an 18-month calendar showcasing the best of our design work over the last year.


As a design house, it wasn’t hard for us to come up with 18 great images to include in a calendar, but the truth is that almost any business can put together a dozen pictures that capture the spirit of their business and appeal to clients.

Releasing a free calendar to clients each year:

  • Helps to build brand awareness.
  • Acts as a free gift with a purpose – not just another ‘junk’ ad.
  • Keeps customers aware of your business year-round.
  • Doubles as a product or service catalogue.

When assembling your calendar, just keep these design tips in mind to guarantee a great product:

  • Make sure your images are appealing enough to stand alone, beyond their function of representing your business.
  • Choose a theme to run throughout your design – don’t just create 12 random pages of content!
  • Include information that lets people get to know your business, without being intrusive.
  • Provide plenty of space for people to write down appointments and take notes. TOO MUCH ADVERTISING WILL NOT WORK IN YOUR FAVOR.

The appeal of calendar printing as a promotional tool is that its MORE than just an ad. Keep that in mind and your promotion will garner a great ROI!