Business Cards That Stand Up and Stand Out

Wow! Is that an embossed logo? Pretty fancy stuff. That’s sure to put you ahead of the competition when you and everybody else are crammed away into someone’s wallet, getting dog-eared and mashed together into an unseemly pulp…

There’s gotta be a better way.

One of the best ways to get your business card to stand out is to make it stand up by using a vertical design.

basic vertical business card

Often, more white space is left over on vertical card designs after all the pertinent information has been conveyed. This opens up all kinds of opportunities for unique additions to your card.

One use of this white space might be to include a inspiring phrase, mission statement, or call to action on your card. For example, a bakery might want to include one of the following phrases:

fancy vertical business cards

Alternatively, you might want to use that white space for a graphic. Colors and images on business cards aren’t just for design companies. A well-designed, iconic image can convey the creativity and dynamism of any business.

vertical business card with image

Having a professional designer create a graphic for you can pay off. However, if the prospect sounds pricy, consider a graphic already in use on your website, and integrate your site address into it on the business card. With this strategy, you sell your business and your website all in one smooth statement.