Business Cards and Print Design

A huge amount of the design work done today is done online. Many of those in the new school of graphic design have never even tried their hand at print design. However, the time arrives in the life of every company, even a successful web-based company, when it becomes necessary to have business card printing done.

The Unique Challenges of Print Design

It's worth taking time to consider the unique design properties that go into business card printing. Don't begin by creating a mock-up on your computer, and then thinking about where you're going to get your cards printed. When it comes to business cards, physical design elements like shape and texture come into play, which means considering graphic design from a whole other angle, and beginning by selecting a printer.

Choosing a Business Card Printer

In today's marketplace, there's a range of business card printers to choose from. Will you go with a high-end specialty printer? How about an eco-friendly printer? How much money are you prepared to spend? Are you looking for full color business card printing, or black and white? One-sided? Two-sided? By beginning with finding the right printer, you might discover options that you didn't even know were available.

For example, at Hotcards, we offer business card printing at a base rate of 1000 cards for $60.00. For this price, you get full color printing on both sides of your card. This leaves you with a lot of room to work creatively.

Two-Sided Business Card Design

Two-sided business card printing is ideal for those who have a lot of information to put across in a small area, but the benefits are also big for those who just want to get creative.

A two-sided business card can be designed to show off the fun aspects of your business on one side and more serious details on the flipside.

Another way to design a two-sided card is to have one copy-heavy side, and one side that's reserved for a large graphic.

Selecting the Perfect Graphic(s)

Because it's easy to work with ultra-high quality full color printing these days, there's virtually no limitation on the types of graphics that can be put on business cards.

Sharp detailing, layering of imagery, and photographic quality are all possible, so forget about that old design rule that says "keep business card printing simple." If a colorful, complex design represents your business or philosophy, don't be afraid to go all out on an intense design!

Shape, Size, Texture

The next thing to consider is finding a business card printer who can do unconventional sizing and die-cutting. Although not appropriate for all business cards, design features like rounded edges, half-sizing, vertical formatting, or shaping to reflect an aspect of your business can sometimes be used to create the exact impression you're going for.

Every business is unique, and your business card should be as unique as you are. Anything is possible, as long as you find the right printer, and begin the design process with the physical elements of business card printing in mind.