Why Political Printing is a More Effective Advertising Tool Than The Web

The internet is essentially a highly-developed library, where access to any and all information is readily at hand to anyone who can be bothered to look for it. It's truly a wonder. But look closer, and the web is essentially a series of sophisticated algorithms predicated on the delivery of advertising messages. In fact, there's such a glut of advertising that people have learned to tune it out. I mean, quick, name a banner ad that has stuck in your memory? You probably can't. And you're not alone. It would take something just short of a miracle for an online ad message to stand out, let alone stick.

By contrast, print campaigns are generally delivered right to the customer by way of direct mail or other means. When you employ post cards, flyers or other means of print promotion, you're delivering your sales message directly to your potential customer. And if the piece is well-designed, you'll have at least a few seconds to make an impact. This can't be said of the web, where you typically have to make an active choice to leave the site where you're at and click for more information. It's essentially like running across the street to a neighbor's house every five minutes to borrow a cup of sugar.

Also, for all the eyeballs that a web ad can attract, you have no earthly idea where the people are coming from. If you're advertising on a Los Angeles-based website, do you really give a damn if someone from Dubuque, Iowa has read your message? Not likely. Various means of print promotion are more finely targeted. You place a direct mail piece or flyer in the mail, and they go specifically where you want them to. Easy.

Political Printing Flyers

So, essentially, your costs with printing are more predictable and your results are more quantifiable. With the web, you have to throw a lot more money at it to hone in on what's effective for you. A lot of trial and error is in the offing. But print is a tried and true vehicle for imparting and receiving a winning message. Especially now that everyone is desensitized to online ads. 

Political Printing Buttons 

Political Printing - Circa 2014

The 2014 Political Season is here. Print is more relevant than ever!

If there are a few things that political candidates of all stripes can agree upon, it's a fondness for their own names and for winning elections. And as we appear set once again to enter the "silly season" that is political campaigning, we can be assured that the barrage of direct mail pieces, postcards, brochures, signs, flyers, t-shits and assorted other political printed matter is soon to be falling like rain.

It's all about building name recognition and engaging in persuasion, with every last candidate staking out a selling proposition that, while not necessarily unique, he or she perceives to be one which will gain them the highest percentage of the voting electorate. And this season is a mother lode for the printing business, which is none too eager to avail itself of the largesse brought on by this ceaseless need for political matter.

The aim of a political campaign is to introduce and then familiarize people with their candidate, be this by carpet-bombing entire neighborhoods or precincts with flyers and signage, or by sending focused political printing to people who've been identified as being supportive of what their candidate stands for.

It is an endless process to operate a political campaign, but the lion's share of printing for a campaign is done far ahead of the election, with sizes and types of printed matter being chosen by political consultants who have varying levels of expertise in such matters.

The overall volume of printed campaign material has grown in recent decades along with an increase in political awareness. And while the various technological innovations based on the Internet are being employed, political printing still rules the roost. Placing a direct mail piece in front of voters still holds sway over the less tactile benefits of emails or other cyber-transmissions - even if it just merits a passing glance before heading into the rubbish.

And political printing is making advances, with features such as embedded sound chips as a means of engaging with voters, as well as URL's to websites highlighting a candidate's positions on various issues as well as their voting records, - a means of keeping voters engaged and informed. In election season, you'll notice a blizzard of printed material ranging from political flyers to bumper stickers competing for your attention and encouraging your active participation in the voting process.

But, as always, it still comes down to an individual's conscious decision to vote.


Vodka - A Scene Tasting Party at Hotcards!

Hotcards Hosts - Vodka - A Scene Tasting Event

We’ve all had our fair share of wine tastings and beer tastings. It’s a pretty standard thing to do in Cleveland. But what about a vodka tasting? Well, here’s your chance!

Hotcards, partnering with Contrast High and Scene Magazine, is hosting the VODKA tasting party this Friday night in Downtown Cleveland! $25 gets you admission to the event and art gallery, complimentary vodka-infused snacks and ten drink tickets. As if that wasn’t perfect enough, ticket sales benefit The Dancing Wheels Company and School, an organization that celebrates the art of movement and the human spirit.

The shenanigans are going down at the Hotcards headquarters, inside the RED Space at 2400 Superior Avenue from 8-midnight. Tickets can be purchased online at http://scenevodka.brownpapertickets.com. As Hotcards CEO John Gadd promises, “The only thing you can predict about our events, is they'll amaze you.” Come out, Cleveland—this is a night you definitely don’t want to miss.

The Hotcards Burn Donates $10,000 to Charity

The Hotcards Burn Donates $10,000 to Charity!


October 30th, 2013

The Hotcards Burn Donates $10,000 to Charity

The Cleveland Food Bank and Brick by Brick are scheduled to receive $10,000 in combined proceeds from the now famous Hotcards Burn, an event that set 21 people on fire in Cleveland's Flats on October 19th, to successfully break the Guinness World Record for the “Most People Performing Full Body Burns." The donation ceremony will take place at 10:00am on Thursday, October 31st, at Hotcards World Headquarters, 2400 Superior Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44114. John Gadd, CEO of Hotcards and presenting sponsors, Scot Lowry, CEO of Fathom and Ken Lanci, CEO of Consolidated Solutions will award the charities. The media is invited to attend.

About Hotcards.com – The Epic Renaissance of a Cleveland Icon:

As Margaret Meade once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Hotcards.com changed the way people buy print in Cleveland, as well as around the world. They helped revolutionize an industry that’s so commonplace – people consume it like air. They now feel it’s time to do more, go bigger, make a dent in the universe. Welcome to the new Hotcards – it’s time to Become Known™.

Hotcards to Light 20 People on Fire in Cleveland

The Hotcards Burn – OCT 19, 2013


September 25th, 2013

Hotcards to Light 20 People on Fire in Cleveland

September 25, 2013 – CLEVELAND, OHIO – Just after sunset on October 19 2013, Cleveland-based print & design company Hotcards will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for “The Most People Performing Full Body Burns” in Cleveland’s Flats district, all while throwing a giant spectator party at Shooters and raising money for a good cause. Hotcards’ never-ending love for the “burning river” city is on display as they seek to unite & ignite Cleveland.

Lots of Stuff Cooking @Hotcards!

Hotcards is better than ever… just ask our Moms!

Hotcards has a new goal: to reinvent the printing industry. Just wait and see what we have to announce to the world over the next couple months! Seriously, you've got to come back and visit. As we prepare for this epic journey, we first needed to snag a new office to hold the ever-growing DreamTeam. As they say, Happy Team = Happy Customers! Also, if you don’t already, make it a point to “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter (@hotcards) and Instagram (@hotcards)!


Top Ten Green Printing Practices

As much as possible the use of recycled paper and ink for printing should be strictly followed. Although recycled paper may not be always available in all the possible sizes, renewable inks are readily available in the market.

FSC Certified and Recycled Paper - Which is Better to Use?

Millions of trees are cut every year to make paper. Deforestation poses a threat to the environment in several ways. Rise in temperature, increase in levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and soil erosion are some of the more evident effects.

Frequent flooding due to the lack of trees to absorb excess rain water is also a real possibility. We cannot stop using paper despite the usage of electronic tools and devices having become popular but we can surely work towards minimizing the damage. You can contribute by using recycled paper. In addition, you also have the option of using FSC certified paper when not using the recycled one.

Top 10 Redesigns logo of 2012

Logos are the expression of a complex idea in simple terms which immediately strike the attention of the onlooker. There are many logos that we associate with immediately; however, many such logos have presently undergone redesigning to give it a modern touch while keeping intact the original design. Here are ten such top redesigns of logos in 2012

Political Printing for 2012

Political campaigns utilize a variety of printed sources to spread their message.

The idea is to introduce and popularize the candidate across the mass audience. Political printing is extensively used in campaign promotions. It includes direct mails, pamphlets, stickers, door hangers, T-shirts and other merchandises. Many companies specialize in printing campaign material, which get more and more active falling elections. Predicting the trends for 2012, political printing is likely to be used more extensively this year.