Benefit From The Versatility Of Table Tent Printing

Go Beyond The Restaurant Table

Table tent displays don't just offer great returns when placed in bars and restaurants. They also grace counters, desks, conference tables, seminar venues, and make great additions to booth displays. In the industry, we call table tents, "the full color printing that goes everywhere you need to be."

Table tent printing is inexpensive, easy to set up, and easy to transport. Businesses love it for its ability to spread brand awareness and mark territory at conferences, seminars, fundraisers and corporate events of all types.

Table Tents At Private Events

Table tents are becoming a trendy addition to large, private functions such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, and parties of all types. Instead of using a sheet of printer paper to present the menu or event schedule, party planners are using full color table tent printing to present all that need-to-know information in a fun, festive format.

Versatility In Information Design

Conventionally, table tents are used to advertise specials, drinks, or other menu items in bars and restaurants, but the design is really incredibly flexible. Just some examples of table tent printing beyond the restaurant table include:

  • Event schedules to let seminar and conference-goers know where you'll be throughout the course of the day(s).
  • Itineraries for nonprofit events.
  • Donation information at fundraisers.
  • Information on rates, politics, or an events calendar for placement on a reception desk at hotels, banks, salons, or other public service businesses.

Table Tent Printing For Fun, Seriously!

Table tent printing doesn't always have to be strictly informative. The two-sided design space can be used to entertain, or educate.

For example, some large businesses like to print weekly table tents, almost like newsletters. The table tent design, which is peppered throughout the workplace, can include company news, or quizzes about work safety and business goals. In this way, table tents can be a fun, interactive addition to any work environment.

Elegant, Professional Table Tent Displays

Although rarely the first piece of print collateral that comes to mind, like most full color printing, table tents are remarkably versatile. Don't make the mistake of picturing the type of thing you might find at a local bar. Table tents can be designed around both elegant events and sharp, professional presentations.

For example, while a portrait, or vertical, design is most common in table tents, many businesses are now opting for the subtlety and stability of a landscape, or horizontal design. The landscape table tent is low to the surface of the table and unobtrusive, for those who wish to offer information without hammering home an in-your-face sales pitch.

Table Tent Holders

Another great way to take the ‘bar vibe' out of the table tent is by saying goodbye to the angled form. Just order regular, full color table tent printing, then slip the tents into stand-alone plastic holders.

Readily available from online retailers, holders come with the classic straight, vertical shape, or with an elegant curve. Holders can be curved vertically or horizontally to best compliment your full color print design layout.

And if plastic sounds a tad tacky, don't worry. Table tent holders can also be purchased in glass and wood frames. Not everybody's idea of an economic choice, but without a doubt a beautiful long-term investment.

Truly Inexpensive Full Color Printing

With the incredibly low price of table tent printing these days, you'll be able to afford lots of little extras. Full color printing is as cheap as it is good-looking – now get the table tents to prove it!

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