Addressing & Sorting

High volume direct mailing is complicated. Let us take care of it.

Hotcards’ addressing and sorting services ensure you the best rates on bulk mailing available. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Printed postage
  2. Inkjet addressing
  3. Special rates from USPS (first class or bulk)
  4. CASS certification—lower postage charges
  5. Faster processing using presorting cards
  6. Efficient and reliable USPS on-site verification

And why do you need us to do this? Because mistakes cost money!

Addressing involves standardization of the address by following the USPS guidelines and standards. In addition to this, addresses have to be sorted based on region of delivery and several other categories in order to qualify for low bulk mailing rates.

As an enterprise-level bulk mailer, Hotcards can provide your direct marketing campaign with the resources it needs to happen on time and on budget. Save even more by using our low cost printing services.

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