About Us

Our Mission

We help you BECOME KNOWN.

At Hotcards, we feel a company’s greatest asset is its brand. It’s the first impression given to the world, and it’s usually given when you least expect it. To be effective, it must be consistently perfect and obsessively managed. It is your reputation – and what might take years to build, can be destroyed with one slip. Not only do we prevent those slips through an outrageous attention to detail – but that same attention translates into consistently beautiful and unforgettable brands that our clients use to make billions of dollars each year.

We Print – A Lot

Not only are we a full-service, epic graphic design house – but we also print more than Ten Million postcards and flyers per week! With multiple locations Nationwide, we’re here to deliver marketing solutions including Creative, Print, Promotional Products, Apparel, Warehousing, Technology and Logistics/Fulfillment.

Literally, Started in a Spare Bedroom

The year was 1998 – and a young concert promoter in Cleveland, Ohio decided he was tired of paying extremely high prices to purchase full color printing for his events. The ambitious entrepreneur, Columbus Woodruff set out to create a company that would offer low cost, high quality printing for all to enjoy. Over the course of two years, he took in orders from his promoter buddies, designed projects himself and delivered jobs each night after he got off the clock from his “real job.” Today, Hotcards prints over 10 million postcards each week (not to mention a whole lot of other stuff) and has offices nationwide. Pretty cool story, eh?

A Culture for The Crazy Ones

We’re anything but normal at Hotcards. Many of us grew up a little bit different than our peers. Sometimes on the outside, looking in. That’s how we preferred it back then – and it’s how we prefer it now. We do things on our own terms. We create the rules, the goals and the magic. We set the bar extremely high – and don’t stop until it’s reached. We don’t settle for anything less than perfection. When describing the things we design, build and do – we enjoy using terms like Obsessed, Amazing, Dream, Possible, Outrageous, Gorgeous and Love. We’re insanely curious and unbelievably creative. This is just who we are. The type of people we associate with – and employ. It’s why we’re changing an industry – and others are taking notice.

It’s not easy finding others who fit our mold. We call that mold, Our Hotcards Culture.